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  1. Looks they have shot up in price since i bought my 2nd portable. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SONY-MD-WALKMAN-MZ-R50/254542838177?hash=item3b43ef79a1:g:~o0AAOSwzbdbRNp2 £60 which is good since didnt it retail for something like £300 -£400 originally. Martin
  2. I seem to remember that sony decks only had type r or s. Sony was worried about competition bring better and didn't license it. Iirc
  3. stachu: thanks for the display off tip
  4. HAve you tried a fibre glass pen on the ribbon cable? Not sure if the ribbon cables have metal exposed or not
  5. Spoke too soon the 980 works with the thick 17mm but the 940 doesn't seem to take it often when posted. Seems either the belt is too thick or too short. If pushed all the way it plays ok.
  6. Success Used the 17mm belt as recommended off the ebay seller for a 940 deck. I did notice however that it is a lot thicker than the original belt. Still it works. Took something like 10minutes through the gap as 2many did (after i took the top off) First two attempts the band flicked off and i had to fish it out of the transport. I would recommend some bent tweezers as the straight ones i used had difficulty holding the belt when it was stretched. thanks bearboy and kgallen Sat here typing this while listening to my MD play for the first time in 6 months or so
  7. bearboy: "Is this the Russian video you were looking for? " Looks good thanks
  8. If you mean write in ATRAC v4.5 then no. type r can play v4.5 though.
  9. The russian video link doesnt seem to exist? "See the video from this thread." Is the "this" part a link as it is now anymore. I see i have already been interested in fixing this problem before. I thought my memory was of a dodgy belt in my sony 611 tape deck! More stuff to fix
  10. thanks for the information i will try to have a look at the weekend. It has been very annoying that every single one of my 5 standalone decks have eject issues from the top end 555es to the lowly 920
  11. Can I ask or start another thread. I have the MD eject problem on a 980 and need another belt. Is it easier to replace whole drive than do the belt?
  12. its a good tip for all separate hifi and a timely reminder. Thanks
  13. Never wiped MDs myself and never had a problem with the discs only the players laser reading the disc. Thus i would leave well alone and clean as a last resort
  14. kgallen: Thanks for the tip Any chance you could do a video or have found a video i could view? 4 decks and all have the eject problem
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