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  1. Any chance the NE410 is broken (usb port), and was a deflective unit from the get-go when you bought it back then, or the usb cable you are using? I have the same one as a backup player, at times when i forget to charge my N710's batteries, or they are running low...but i'm running Vista and using SS 4.3 with it, without any problems at all, though i never have anything else plugged in on my usb ports other than the NetMD i'm using when i'm running SS Allthough i don't know if it works with Linux, i'd say if you don't need recording capabilities (mic, line-in) and just use it to listen to music, go for the NH600d...Should get you back onto the Crazy train
  2. Allthough i'm just fastly reading through lines, and didn't read OD Media's webpage ...if burning it to CD would work, why not make a disc image of it and mount it on a virtual drive and then proceed the way you would like? (for example, a wav rip of the disc and then transfer it to MD via SS), if that is possibble/works Other than that, if it can be converted to another file format, then it could work too...but if that fails too, i guess Real time is the last resort
  3. IMO the database is good enough but a tad bit obsolete, wiki would be a good idea though, but there's allso the goodsides and downsides when everyone can edit them...yes, i'm speaking about the younger, downright fanatical MP3/iPod crew members who think MD is shit but in the end...it is a good idea
  4. what was that all about, seriousy? even after reading this twice (for no reason really) i guess he just got his first Hi-MD RH1 experience and went all-out silly for 2 reasons 1. PCM Hi-Fi Audio = Utopia 2. Expensive unit from E-Bay, needs to to troll more WoW ads to make money? Edit; not to get too off topic...Nice unit, jernikfra
  5. DreamOn


    And i was allready scared that this might be another movie ad bot! Nice find though, is the movie worth watching? just curious as i don't usually agree on IMDB ratings... (Kinda off topic: not wanting to sound like an ass, but shouldn't this one be in MCDF Database - MD sightings in movies?)
  6. Depends of what you want from a a Hi-MD player really, but judging from the players that you listed up, that you want to have one that runs with normal AA's, and is a recorder... i think there's only one player in my opinion (External AA's are limited to only NH900 i think, don't count that for sure though) to upgrade to, and that's the MZ-NHF800 Of course, there is alot of Hi-MD beauties, but unfortunatedly they are usually pretty expensive and rare, like the ace of diamonds, MZ RH-1, Camera-enabled DH10P.,and the players i don't remember by name...there's alot of them, but i really don't know if there's any need at all to upgrade, NH700 would fit me just fine, but that's just my opinion (as i am satisfied with my NetMD's alone )
  7. Never heard of that, but for what i can sum up from that, you could call it an Hi-MD Burner of sort (or a memory card/swappable hdd etc, depends what you want to call it), something similiar to the MD Data format back in the early '90's, only now in Hi-MD & Re-Formated MD's... But why buy that when the normal Hi-MD player can do the same is beyond me, probably tried to extend the userbase?
  8. Any chance that the battery's dead? dunno how good gumstick batteries are, but my old laptop's battery died in 2 months after no use...(NiMH battery, if you were wondering)
  9. Haven't been here that long (lurker doesn't count, and dunno if this counts) that i'd know that much about them, but bobt, Guitarfxr and Syrius seems like good choices...yes i readed that guitarfxr isn't in, but still...
  10. I doubt that he has any problems anymore...judging that post you quoted is from 2003 And if there are problems, just use SS 4.3...and for uploading stuff from MD's (usb) , you'll need the MZ-RH1
  11. That sucks, imo this unit is well worth that, as long as you think it as a player, NOT a recorder (Only records through SonicStage), and that's the exact reason why i bought it...yep, needed a player myself, and was pretty suprised that it was a type-s too...all in all, it's a good player
  12. What's a casette? No, seriously it's been a while since i used them...downfall began in '01 and completely stopped any records to tapes (not including VCR tapes, but that's off-topic) somewhere around '03-'04 It's a shame though...there's still alot of good music on them, but the tapes aren't in that good shape anymore...or it could be my player too. that reminds me i still have a working walkman casette player somewhere, maybe it would work/sound better than that piece of dustmess akai one?
  13. Waldo's People - Emperor's Dawn (on LP2)
  14. Looks like bobt was right... Hello MZ-NE410, good to have you as a backup
  15. Just turned 20, started using MD a week ago
  16. (Didn't find any introduce yourself threads, or didn't look/use search enough so i'll just post here) Thought i'd introduce myself, been a lurker on these forums for a while, even though i only joined about a week ago to get the drivers i needed to get my N710 working, the same unit i was looking at years ago, but alas, as a student, you don't have that much money to spend around, or atleast i didn't have...story goes like this; bought some cheap chinese mp3 player to replace my old CD walkman, that sounded worse than the walkie, but was 10 times smaller, and that was the only good thing about it (broke down twice), and then i started to use my 'Cell as an music player...let's just say that the quality didn't improve at all (laugh) Few months ago, i got fed up with the quality of the music and started to look for another go with the mp3 players, but didn't find anything that would suit me (i mean come on? what's with this i-pod / Zen crazyness about? i find them both ugly, and the sansa players look like kid's toys) and then started ramdomly googling, and founded the MiniDisc again...and the same unit i was looking at back then...what comes around goes around i guess I wanted to get some experience from this one before posting anything, now after a week of using this, i can say that i got exactly what i wanted...Mindblowing music quality, even LP4 sounds better than anything i've used this far, LP2 kept me awake for the whole night, and SP is utopia...Not to mention removable storage, removeable battery, gapless playback...the list goes on and on, and i was sold As you can probably see from my signature, i'm not a hi-fi person myself, but it doesn't mean that i would do what most people do, download a youtube clip, convert it to mp3, transfer it to your ipod and youre good to go? Sounds like someone's bullying the cat to me, it sounds horribble that way...besides who needs their whole music selection on their player? there's bound to be a conflict that way, you listen to a good track, and then it plays an older track that was good at then, but now youre bored of it...it just takes the feeling away (but that might be just me ) And in the end, what did i learn from this? i counted it up and the minidisc would have costed me less than this mess of what i used... It's a shame that the format ended like this, but that doesn't mean it's dead, neither is my Dreamcast or Saturn...they were just too good for their time, ignored by the masses Long post, i know...But that's just my opinion about this, feel free to correct me
  17. I kinda doubt that it was made for this purpose
  18. Goodbye to my Razr2 as an Mp3 Player (And Cellphones as mp3 players in general...they suck) And welcome my first (and definedly not last) MD Portable MZ-N710
  19. Infected Mushroom - Heavyweight Next one seems to be Mirin - Silly-Go-Round (Exit trance version, to be precise)
  20. Google, i'm afraid...Was looking for info about MiniDisc in general, and finded all the info i needed here
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