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  1. just purchased a net md walkman mz-ne 410 last week, downloaded soft ware , up loaded music in to sonic stage , but could not transfer music to md , because screen showed " error with red X the media device is write protected..... so i called sony support and was told of web site where i could correct problem....... the current site showed ... " error the media device is write protect ............ solution ......... this error will ouccur if the media has been set to pervent it from being overwritten. this is called protect mode. to eliminate the error message, either replace protected media with an unprotected media or move the tab on the existing media to allow it to be accessed, data on that media may be overwritten......... i take it sony is saying to move the tab on the on the bottom left corner of the disc ????? which i did do with no results ......... any ideas out there in mini disc land , this is drivin me nuts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! need some help bbbbbaaaaaddddd !!!!!!!!!! thanks
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