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  1. Front or the back, i cant see how it could be done Thanks
  2. Just want ot know if anyone has done this? i want to take the case off my broken one. Cheers!
  3. Hello all, i have just found your forum, some great info on here but not an answer to my question...... i have had my NWA-1000 for about 2 months, i got it off ebay, it was said to be new and the box was mint and all the cables were still tied and not used, i am 99%sure it was never used as the guy said. Anyway i have been using it now and again but i guess i have not used it for more than 2 hours in total, i was taking it out with me in my car today and dropped it, from a height of no more than 1 foot, i picked it up and thought nothing of it, no damage or anything. Now i go to use it and no sound, everything else is working just fine, i have reset the unit and still no joy! Any thoughts?? Oh and besides this issue i am very happy with the player, if i have to get a new one i am thinking about the NWA-1200, but from a retailer this time, can anyone tell me if the 1200 and the 1000 are the same to look at? size and colours? thanks!
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