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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. Believe me, I am googling each tip. I am kind of embarrasssed by my lack of info.... MZ-R70...sounds 20 better than MZ-R50. Check. NH-700...I can digitally upload? Wow. As it is now, I have to manually play-back my tapes and capture them as WAV. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the replies. Yes Skogens, those Audio Technica's are my size. Sorry AbbyNormal, I failed to see the smaller ones! My thing is, I got my rig for recording myself reading...uh poetry... and I later experimented with recording a live band. The recording sounded GREAT to me. I have since recorded many times....love the sound I get from this Mic. a440, those Sound Professions look interesting. I prefer to stick to what I know, I guess. ....also, my recording technique has been to get in front where it's hot, directly in front of the speakers. I have heard recordings from $1000 mic's placed in the back of venues near the soundboard, and the recordings are BORING to me. I really like the raw sound I get. if you guys say the mic's mentioned in this thread are better, I'll take your word and buy a set in my price range. yow!
  3. I have an old Sony MZ-R50. I want a 2nd minidisc recorder, for recording live concerts. I got totally confused and lost when looking at ALL the available options. I am not going high-end. I am a simple man. I am HAPPY with my level of technology (an older model MD). My question is: is there a better performing model for the same price? Which one(s)? I see MZ-R50's for around $40-50 at ebay (though not lately). I appreciate any recommendations.
  4. thanks for the info. Those mic's are a little big for me. The Sony ECM-717 is small, square and black. Clips on my shirt and I never have to think about it. If anyone knows where I can get another one, please let me know.
  5. Hello, new here.... I am looking for a 2nd Sony ECM-717 microphone. I have one, and love it. They are out discontinued. No luck at ebay. I have no problem with the sound quality I get from it. Can anyone recommend a similar mic? I mean, cheap (under $70). Small, clip-on style. Does NOT use a pre-amp (I don't even know what a pre-amp does). I am recording live music, not trying to be professional, so I don't need Edirol and $1000 mic's.
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