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  1. Those units are pretty hard to get. You may have more chance to find such rarities on ebay where they could appear sporadically. I imagine that Sony and Sharp players / recorders can handle them withtout any problem though.

    Well I do understand that Pioneers and Sansui level players are not particularly common, though I don't know if I made it clear or not that i would be interested in any good quality player like a Sony or Sharp and so on. What surprised me more was that no one responded with "I have a Sharp" or "I have a Sony" or a JVC.

  2. I'm looking for a high end MiniDisc player, particularly the Teac MD-5MKII (Silver face), Teac MD-8, Pioneer MD-7MJ, Sansui MD-a507, or a YAMAHA MDX-793. Though a high end Sony player like the the J series decks isn't bad. Locale pick up would be nice but shipping isn't a deal breaker.

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