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  1. Hey thanks for the insight, Walkdude!Makes perfect sense to me, digital is digital, just depends how long you want to wait. Thanks again!
  2. No kidding, it's insane. This is by far the best price I've seen in a while, with most ebayers selling at 9.99 + shipping. I ordered a handful myself, it wont last. Amazon had 10 packs of 80 minute Sony MD's last year for what came out to less than $1.25 each, but that didn't last long at all.
  3. Amazon has Hi-MD Blanks here for only $5.99 ea. Don't know if this is a big deal or not, but ebay sellers are selling at 2x this price. Free shipping and tax if you live in certain areas and have Amazon prime.
  4. I have exactly the same problem with a Aiwa bookshelf CD/MD unit, and even with a manual I was never able to find a way to change it from the Japanese standard to N. American.
  5. Hello, I usually record to MD's with my type R deck optical in direct from CD. I am curious and would like to hear feedback: If recording in LP2 Mode, is it better to record line in with a Type R/S deck or just transfer to NetMD? For instance, will I get better audio recording wav files from sonicstage to an NE410 or even and NH600D or would I better off recording optical/analog in with an N510.
  6. Never thought of it that way, you're probably right!
  7. Online retailer eCost has a couple of cheap refurbed NetMD players available. I bought the 410 from them, took about a week to ship, then another week to get to CA. The cost of shipping was almost as much as the player itself, so I got two. It came in Sony packaging with all the accessories in as new condition. I can't promise a stellar experience with this retailer, but these are some decent prices I thought I'd share. MZ-NF520D $27.99 MZ-NE410 $14.99
  8. Looks like this is perfectly normal operation for a Japanese radio. Where US AM stations tune in increments of 10, Japanese are in increments of 9.
  9. Does the same thing occur when using SimpleBurner? I have transferred many albums succesfuly in LP2 mode with no gaps between tracks. This is especially noticeable when transferring a DJ mix album, like Ministry of Sound or something.
  10. That's what I figured. Maybe someone with experience with Japanese radios knows if this kind of tuning is normal? To jump in increments of 9 when tuning?
  11. Thanks. Does anyone have experience with "service manuals". Should it provide information contained in a user manual, or just tech details on the mechanism. I'd rather not pay $5 to join just to download some schematics.
  12. Hi guys and girls, I picked up an Aiwa mini bookshelf system on craigslist for only $20 USD! It looks so cool, and I'm really pleased with it. From what I can gather, this unit was only sold in Japan, so finding a user manual hasn't worked out. Maybe someone out there can help? In tuning AM radio, the digital tuner changes the frequency in increments of 9, instead of one. So if the radio is at 810 AM, the next possible channel I can land on is 819, then 828, then 837 and so on. Interestingly enough, the FM side tunes in increments of .5 so you can tune to 104.55 or 104.50. Is there any way I can tune the AM band to specific frequency I want? I want to tune to 910AM, but can only get 909 or 918! Thanks for any assistance. Ross
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