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  1. Hi! I have the same model as you, and today, a year and a half after you, i was faced with the same problem. I googled around and I saw a german forum where they talked about the service manual of this model, especially about a connector that serves to detect if the disc is write protected or not. Anyway, I dismantled a little bit my unit, just to observe the appearance of that switch and it happened to be a double switch, that is, it has a couple of mechanical pins that must be accionated when the disc is inserted. One of the pins moves because of the white stripe on the disc that is used to write protect it and the other moves only if the whole placed under the white stripe is covered. So, the solution is this: use a adhesive stripe to cover the round hole placed on the back of the disc, just beside the whole that gets white when the disc is not write protected. Insert the disc and you will be able to edit your disc. Hope it helps
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