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  1. Sorry for being thick - but how do I remove the DRM encryption? Thanks Gordon
  2. Thanks for all your replies. I have previously found out to my cost that it is better not to use the back up and restore feature on Sonic Stage. I now back up all my music etc using commercial software (and this also backs up all my documents, emails etc). I take it that Sony now have more effective and reliable software for their portable music devices/MP3 players etc? I believe that the Sony hardware is excellent but my experience to date is that the hardware suffers due to extremely poor software. Hope that is no longer the case? Great to hear your views? Thanks Gordon
  3. We both use the NW-A1000 model. There would appear to a bookmark feature but can not appear to get it to work without further instructions.
  4. My wife has large audio files for a book that she is reading. (One file per CD!). I know that the player will restart the track at the point when is was last switched off. But what is she wants to listen to music before returning to her audio book? Is there any way of bookmarking the file for later so it can be started at the relevant point? Sorry to be so vague - installed help files no use and the searcxh on this forum does not reveal anything. Gordon
  5. Looks like the easiest option would be to create one large library and manually transfer the relevant albums to each player. Thanks for your assistance. Gordon
  6. Thanks Stuge, Yes I do use different log ins but the location for the library is in a shared directory. My work around is to have one main library but then delete from the player and then import our own particular favourites. I then save the two diffeernt versions of the library using the backup facility giving a diffent name for ewasch back up file. My sons both use IPods and can have their own libraries. It is frustrating to think that the Sony hardware is excellent but is let down by inferior software - barely fit for purpose? Gordon
  7. I am a new member so please be gentle .... I have also tried to use the search facility but can not find an answer to my question so hope one of the experts out there can help with my query. Is it possible to have more than one library on a PC withSonic Stage or can you associate the library with the user profile so different users can have different libraries? Main reason is I've imported all my own CDs into Sonic Stage. My wife also has a Sony device but her music tastes are completely different to mine. It would be convenient/easier to have separate libraries to auto update our own libraries etc. There does not appear to be a way of doing this apart from using different PCs!!!! (This is not an option). Thanks for any info/suggestions
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