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  1. Burn-in process completed. Enjoy.

  2. Is seeking for a new headphones amp.

  3. Faizal Ramli "Golden Elbow" ngeri.

  4. Plan nak bawak anak-anak pergi Singapore Christmas ni, anak-anak pegi tengok lampu,papa nak ke Zouk.

  5. lepak ngan bebudak forum malam ni. TT session.

  6. Dear sifu, I just bought a headphone amplifier from JD Labs. I am wondering if iPod user they bypass the internal amp using LOD. How about MD player/ recorder? If any thread had discuss about this, kindly add the URL. Thanks
  7. Built-in sampling rate converter automatically converts digital audio recorded at different sampling rates, such as the 48kHz data stream from a DAT recorder, to the 16-bit/44.1kHz CD standard when transferring data to disc. During CD-to-CD dubbing, the sampling rate converter is automatically bypassed for highest possible sound quality. Cant wait to hear CD- MD
  8. Hai PhillipeC, Is there any device out there can override the initial problem? p/s: sorry for the delayed respond you in pm.
  9. So meaning the lens is going to die? It happened to my E-55.
  10. Knock..Knock Whos there? F**K you.

  11. I owned RH710, but not RH1. BUT most of the time Im listening to S1 and E-55 (E-55 now always giving skip track). I noticed that E-55 and S1 giving more colourful signature in SP compare to others esp (RH710). Or because both have "mega bass"? Im not listening to electronic or techno, most pop, jazz and rock. Now Im thinking about "acoustic engine vs mega bass "..
  12. How to know the lens is going to die or faulty? any sign of it? Im asking this because I have a portable MD after cleaning the lens, it still giving "mute track" for about 5-10 secs for a multiple times during the song..and also sometimes skipping track..
  13. Smoking Pot Shrinks the Brain.

  14. Practically, is it true Sharp model much better than Sony flagship?
  15. apa bdrip nak dload ni for weekend?

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