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  1. The collection updated Dezember 16th with new machines and new look. Hope you enjoy and post your collections too!
  2. what do you think about a new topic where fellows could show the MD stuff collection and so on? I think there are any..? there are very nice machines, blank md's, and Md related very interesting down there...
  3. Hello! Thank's for your reply. I think it will be great to see other user collections. I think there is any topic about that, or am I wrong? Might be very nice, cause there are some nice MD models that I never see on pics, or limited editions of some stuff I'll apreciate to see!
  4. Hi guys! I am new here but am i really astonished to see all this MD fan fellows here!! I must told to my freinds here in my place that I am not the only one crazy about MD format! I started collecting Md machines but was amazing to see that some people is collecting too blank md's! Nice idea! So, i left here my Md collection machines if you think that it might interest to take a look. I have also some acessories, Pre recorded Md's (Michale Jackson's Thriller is one of them), and some (few) blank ones. I might start collecting this blanks too but is veryyy rare to see some of th
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