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  1. so i bet alot of you were dissapointed when sony didnt unveil the new walkman at ces or mwc but what if ctia is the time were they show off there new walkman? they had a rumor for it back in june that they were working on a android walkman and personal nav and now that sony has shown 3 android devices that shows that there showing some love for android now and there embracing at good competiton for ipod. So what do you think? you think there finalls going to unveil the 2010 android walkman or just leave the whole walkman line in the dust?

  2. Don't forget the extended life battery for the Pre, makes it an almost perfect little phone: http://www.seidioonline.com/

    the sony android rumors are really big aswell type in on google " android walkman " for 3 pages each computer/tech website has the same rumor about the new walkman with android everyone said there going to present it at ces 2010 so thats why i cant wait for it because i personally dont like ipods there boring i loved the walkman x but not really a pocket computer and android is getting bigger and better with each update it gets so sony is choosing a really good path for there new walkman line with android to revamp the sony walkman.

  3. theres been alot of rumors going around about sony reinventing the walkman x by using the android. I personally think that would be freakin awesome because if sony wants to compete against apple then android is the way to go and if the new walkman x uses android then its goings to be a low cost device because all android devices are suppose to be cheap. Just think about the possibiltes with an android powered walkman x.

    1. Bigger oled, like 3.5 or 3.7 inch

    2. Android market

    3. Acclerometer

    4. even better sound quality and amazing video quality due to bigger oled.

    5. Just all around android powered will make it a dream come true.

    i hope the rumors are true dont get me wrong i love my walkman x but its getting boring and sony going to android is the best opiton they have because its free and really good so lets hope it gets annouced at ces 2010 because the rumors are starting to look true.

  4. but now that i think about it a android powered walkman x with bigger oled like 3.5, less expensive and even better sound quality then sony would make a killing in the market. The zune hd is the best deal right 16gb for 220 and 32gb for 289 thats amazing but i have a walkman x because the sound quality is just to amazing to pass up.

  5. the new update 1.10 still hasnt hit u.s and what sony needs to do know is put out more awesome fw updates like change the ui a little bit or add like a facebook or myspace app just these little things that sony can do to make people want to keep there walkman x. Oh yah and dont forget full qwerty keyboard but if they cant do that then there just gonna make people buy another walkman x in 2010.

  6. Company policy? Company culture? Who knows, what I DO believe is that they need to change this policy (or culture) or people will leave them. To be honest I think this "lack of updates" issue with SONY is much worse than the ATRAC debacle of old.

    sony could make a killing by updating the walkman it could use a better web browser( like webkit) and improve the stability because it freezes occasionally.

  7. Gapless play back, better web browser, gapless play back, scrolling song title a la pocket vaio and maybe gapless play back

    ive had my walkman for 2 months already and its amazing its just they need fix some stuff. when you transfer pictures you cant zoom in to the picture and stuff like that and well everyone knows the web browser is uh terrible they also need to bring back gapless play back. Hey just think about it like this if apple can update the ipod touch every month with pointless features then why cant sony do that with the walkman x i mean its capable of getting updates but they dont update the thing.

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