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  1. I think I got this unit from someone here on this forum many years ago. I barely used this unit. It is very nice and works great. I have put another gumstick battery in it since the Sony one died. Although, I wouldn't totally trust the new one either seeing as I bought it a few years ago and haven't used it much. I did get a AA battery sidecar for this unit and it will work without a gumstick battery. This unit comes with a charging stand (or for display like I used it for), AA battery sidecar, power cord, gumstick battery and the unit itself. All that you see in the picture. I'm looking to get around $150 or best offer for everything seen in the picture with free shipping to the USA. I will accept PayPal for payment. Message me with any questions.
  2. I bought this unit from someone local on Craigslist a few years back. I barely used it and it has been sitting around collecting dust so I figured maybe someone could give it a new home and use it more than I did. It comes with everything I got with it. Look at the picture. It has a car kit (hence the CK after the model number). It also has FM through the remote. The only thing I have added is a different gumstick battery since the old Sony one didn't last too long (although I'm not sure how long this will last either) and a AA battery sidecar. This unit will run off of just the AA sidecar so you wouldn't even need the gumstick battery but it makes the unit a little bit bigger. Overall the unit is in very good condition except there are 3 small cracks on the unit. There is one across the bottom. It does not affect the way the AA sidecar attaches. There is a second by the battery door (there is a small scuff near the crack also). And a starting of a third crack by the headphone jack. I tried to get some good pictures of these discrepancies. I am actually listening to an MD on it as I type this out. I just hooked it up to my computer (Windows 7 Sonic Stage) to edit the track listing on my MD too and it worked just fine. None of these issues affect how this unit plays. All of the affected areas are circled in red. I'm looking to get $150 or best offer for everything and free shipping in the USA. I will accept PayPal for payment. Message me with any questions.
  3. **************************SOLD************************ I have 10 blank Hi-MD discs for sale. These discs are used but in good condition. Some have stickers on them and some don't. There are 9 blue 2nd gen discs and 1 dark blue 1st gen disc. All discs come with a case and are erased of any content that was on them. I'm asking $250 for all 10. If you want less than 10, I will do $30 each. I know the prices on Ebay are a bit crazy so I'm trying to be a little under those prices. I will accept PayPal for payment and will ship them in the USA for free. Message me with any questions.
  4. I'm looking for a Sony WX-7700MDX double din car stereo CD/MD player. It looks like these pictures. If you have one, please let me know if you want to sell it. I was going to buy one a few years ago on Ebay but never did. Now, I can't find them for sale on there. Thank you.
  5. I have about 20 of them and I bought mine back when I got a 5 pack for under $50.
  6. Very interesting hobbies that people have. I sometimes wish that I could incorporate MD more into my daily life. Or even cassette tapes but I'm not that dedicated to them that much. I don't even have a cassette player car radio anymore but I do have 2 MD ones but neither of them have an AUX IN just in case I want to listen to something else. I may find a way though, we will see.
  7. Here is everything. The t-shirt seems to be pretty thick and good quality. The stickers on the MD and the case are both good quality and glossy. The MD itself is a 80 minute Sony gold Prizm like none that I have, which I don't have many of them though. The music quality is really good too and it was uploaded to the disc in stereo (SP). Very good deal overall. I wish more bands would do this sort of thing but it's not very practical or realistic for them to do it but I like this idea anyway.
  8. I just got mine today. It took them a little while but that's ok. There was a t-shirt in there also with the minidisc. I'll post a pic later on.
  9. I have one of these units but mine is silver. I paid about $140 USD for it back in 2010. It had all of the accessories with it and I think a handful of discs also. I use it every week to record a radio show off of Sirius XM. It works awesome.
  10. Thank you. I was considering that but am not sure of what to do. I'd hate for them to collect dust when someone could be using one of them. We will see.
  11. I've been debating on downsizing my MDLP herd for a little while now. I currently have 10 portable machines, of which 9 work pretty good and 1 works but has some issues. My units are as follows; MZ-MF810 (silver), MZ-R910 (blue), (3) MZ-N707 (in all assorted colors), (3) MZ-R700 (in all assorted colors), MZ-G750 (green/grey), MZ-N505 (orange). I use some of these on a fairly normal basis but the rest just sit on a shelf looking pretty. The N505 I use as my computer workhorse when I make mixes. The green and blue R700's I use to record concerts. Other than that, the rest just kind of sit a shelf. The silver R700 has the issues (that's why I have it sideways in the pic). It is missing the metal on the battery door but works when plugged in and the headphone jack is a little loose, I think. The LINE IN and MIC inputs seem ok though. I don't really use the N707's for anything except maybe listening to a disc on the go every now and then but not very often. They do have USB inputs though. I'm not too sure of what to do about this dilemma and was hoping for some input. Thank you.
  12. Nice! I like this idea. I bought one, just for the hell of it. It was around $6 USD, not that bad of a price.
  13. Record players aren't exactly extinct. They are thriving pretty well these days.
  14. You should have probably put this in the classified section.
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