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  1. Hello all, Sorry about the delay on this - Christmas and then a holiday got in the way. However, I'm now sorted out, and just wanted to say - the discs are still available. I've PM'd the people here who were interested, but if anyone else would like some of these discs, let me know. On Sunday 14th Feb, I'll divide the discs I'm getting rid of by the number of people who show an interest, let you know what the postage cost will be, and if you're still interested, I can send them out. If it gets to a point where there are loads of people who have replied, and would mean sending only a couple of discs out each (unlikely, as there are well over 100) then it'll be first come first served. Let me know by PM or posting in the same thread if you're interested! Postage will be reasonable and I'm not out to make any profit so they shouldn't be expensive - but you might want to bear in mind shipping costs and any import duty if you're outside of the UK, and I'd expect you to pay that before I send any discs. best geordie-kid
  2. Hi all - just having a clear out, and I've got loads of old Minidiscs that I'm hoping someone would like. There's at least 100, probably nearer 150 or 200 in total, and I'm getting rid of them. They were all blanks once, but they've mostly got things on that I recorded and no longer need. Anyone interested? gk
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