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  1. that's strange, i thought codecs are the only thing needed for a PC to play any file?? I know there are others who got this working on their WinAMP, because i read a few topics when i was doing my searching on Google and ppl reported saying that they could get it working, except those plugins are either out of date (incompatible with my version of WinAmp) because those topics are from a few years back, or that the links are dead......
  2. Hmm i have another problem, all my music are now playing fine on my CD player, but when i put it on my laptop and try to listen to the music, it won't work. I tried opening SonicStage and then putting the CD, and it doesn't detect anything, so i then chose to import music from CD, and it doesn't detect anything either, even though i can clearly access the disc from "My Computer" and see a bunch of random files that are obviously not playable since it's in ATRAC3 format. So how do i play this on my PC?? Do i need to download codecs for it? Because i already downloaded one from here: http:
  3. ahh ic ic, thanks for the info. BTW, I noticed that there are still one or 2 certain chinese songs that couldn't be imported to SonicStage, it's weird since other songs in the same album folder or other chinese songs from other albums were able to be imported properly.....and i also noticed that one or 2 chinese songs don't play at all on my CD player, even though they were able to be imported and burned to CD properly..... so now i'm thinking, since my CD player doesn't support chinese, therefore can't read chinese, i might as well rename all those chinese songs to english so that i don
  4. ahh makes sense, my CD player is bought in New Zealand so i guess it doesn't support chinese or CJK. as for the gapless encoding thing, i'm not sure what you mean. My tracks play perfectly, and what do you mean non-stop albums?? I put converted quite a few folders (albums) in Sound Forge, and i can play them fine on my CD player...
  5. Hi i got it working!! Sorry i had this working already 2 days ago but was busy to post a reply. Yup like i thought, since Windows 7 Ultimate has the option to change to any system language you want on the fly (you have to download it first from Windows Update of course), i just changed it and restarted and bam the whole system is in Chinese. And that's it! SonicStage will let me import chinese songs to it. Also, what i did before importing my songs is that i first used Sony Sound Forge 9.0 and used the batch converting option to convert all my files to ATRAC3 format. I used the 64 kbps btw.
  6. well for Windows 7 Ultimate, you can change the language of the whole system on the fly, so i'll try that and see how it goes. Thanks for your help btw from that CJK support guide that you linked to me, i noticed there is a guide for the PSP as well, can it actually play ATRAC formats?? I have one and never tried that before.
  7. hi thanks for your reply. What pre-requisites do i need? I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit build 7600 btw. And i just did the registry trick, it still doesn't work......in fact i even looked here for the AppLocale trick and it didn't work either: http://atinyblip.com/tech-stuff/sonicstage-and-unicode-characters/
  8. could you upload it on RS.COM or Mediafire?? RS.de is slow and has problems for me
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