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  1. I have a Sony MZ-M200. I was wondering whether the remote from the sony MZ-NHF800 will work with my Sony MZ-m200? I am interested because there is an am/fm radio in the remote. Thank you.
  2. I have a question to all users of the MZ-M200/MZ-RH1 and all Hi-MD players. I make linear pcm copies of my cds. I have comparing the sound of the same recording on the cd and the hi-md using the same volume through my wireless headphone with dolby amp. Anyway, my Hi-MD version was not a loud as the cd version. It doesn't mean that it wasn't loud, just not as loud. I had to crank up my headphone to reach the same level. I use the line-out setting. Does the connection matter? My blu-ray is connected with a coaxial cable, but my hi-md is connected through an anologue connection, the only way to output it. I do have to say, I like how the minidisc player sounds. The sound is warmer. Instead of loudness there is richness. I can't explain what I mean. Does anyone have issues like that? And when I incread the recording level on my hi-md, there is distortion. So when I use auto, it is just right to the ear, but is not as loud as the source cd. What do you guys say?
  3. I have the MZ-M200. I got it because for some reason it was cheaper than the one without the stereo microphone and because it came with one. I use it primarily to make copies of my albums in linear PCM. I love the size of them. I am slowly, but surely on the road to copying all of my albums. I also get some pre-recorded albums on the side. Some of them are obscure. I wish the format was more loved. I was on the subway and saw everyone fiddling with their iPhone/iPod. I just want to listen to music. Sony should have released a successor to MD/Hi-MD. The UMD could have been a good one, but alas they did not let it out of its home in the PSP. Imagine recordable 1.8 gigabyte discs. I got the Hi-MD because I am not limited by a flash drive based player's memory.
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