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  1. Has 53 pre recorded MD's for sale

  2. Hi there, Im having a clear out and feel it's time to get rid of my much loved Mini Disc collection I didn't realise there was such a demand for them and stumbled across this site when doing some research. I'd much rather they go to a good home than stick them on eBay so thought I'd give you guys the chance of first refusal. I have 53 pre recorded disc's two of which are the same (Lennny Kravitz 5) all disc's are in perfect working order however as I've had these from 1992 onwards (originally bought the MZR-1, which I had 12 of as they seemed to have loads of faults with the launch model) some or most of the cases show signs of use and a couple are cracked and damaged. Apart from that as you can see this is a fantastic opportunity to either purchase the entire lot or buy individual disc's I'm open to offers so please don't hesitate to email me at bakersduk@yahoo.co.uk I'm willing to post worldwide and can accept payment once agreed via Paypal. Kind Regards Steve Baker
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