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  1. Hi Folks Just won a Sony MDS JB980 (UK) unit on ebay, no software. Tried looking for in jB980 topics in these forums for what to download, but am reading some puzzling (out-of-date?) instructions. First, SonicStage "ultimate", supposed to be available "here". I've downloaded/installed - is that what is meant? If not, where is "ultimate" ? Second - it's not clear whether that includes the right drivers.
  2. I'm posting to this old thread as it comes high up in theGoogle search "sony minidisc error c71" You can get this error even if you provide a valid digital signalvia a working cable to the correctly selected digital input port (mine was aTOSLINK). The minidisc wants a "standard" 44.1 kHz, 16 bitsignal. But some DACS and soundcards and digital amps can put out upto 24 bits at 192kHz and beyond. The minidisc fails to "lock" on to that, and mistakenly tells you nothing is there at all by the C71 error message. Fortunately, these advanced pieces of kit can usually set the nature of their digital outputs back to the (relatively low-grade) standard the minidisc expects.
  3. Just a quickie before I reply to sfbp: I'm seeing some 940's billed as "UK SPECIAL EDITION" Any ideas what that might be/advantages?
  4. Thanks for the swift replies, bobt, bluecrab & sfbp. I've added the Sony MDS-JB980,940,780 and 640 to the search list. I was using the very fine minidisc.org database here Looking again, it says that the Sony MXD-D40 & MZ-RH1have no digital out (would help if I could read!), thanks, guys. So I've deleted them from my search.
  5. A newbie post to this forum. I have a bunch of LP2 and SP minidiscs of microphone recordings made on Sharp MD-MT831H/MD-MT88 portables over the past 8 years or so. I'd like to play them directly into a new all-digital high-end system I am putting together. I'm in the UK, looking to source a player with a digital output. Best would be s/pdif coax, Toslink I can use, but may need to convert to s/pdif depending on what other digital inputs I end up with (my digital preamp has 1 Toslink, three s/pdif).
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