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  1. I don't know of any retail outlet in Australia that sells MD media now days, A few years ago the supermarkets stopped stocking them here, up until 2010 you could buy them new at Sony Centres here, Prism80's and HiMD, you could also buy "laser " blanks at Jaycar. These days i get blank discs by buying them from people I know, or eBay, or gumtree. I'll pick up recorders and decks on online auction sites, often these will come with a number of used blanks. Seems to be ok. I'm building up a fair stockpile of discs, who knows how we will manage in the years to come.

  2. I used ATRAC 3, 105kbps, this left 11.3MB on the disc. The audio book came with bookmarks/tracks at 3 or so minute intervals, imported as is, so will be no issues navigating through the book.

    Pretty happy with the outcome. I'm thinking HiMD is very suitable for this.


  3. Any unit that takes the AA battery is an advantage. I'm pretty much a SP and LP2 man, pretty much just use the standard Discs, I have a number of HiMD discs, but I seem to not want piles of albums on one disc. I prefer the HiMD units though.

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