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  1. It can substitute for each other on the following principles: B changed of A E changed of B E can not be changed to A, it will not work properly when recording or playback on some desk.
  2. phamcu

    MDS-JE510 Parts?

    I'm in the holiday should not reply to a message. Sorry PhilippeC. @mdmc: You will have it for the price 20$, Please contact PhilippeC for shipping info and costs.
  3. seems not at fault optical lens. Make sure the optical lens error, I will have the solution for you
  4. Thanks PhilippeC Would give me opticals for you, if that you have to move B5 fix it again.
  5. free gift sony Optical Pick-up KMS-260B/E and KMS-262 for menber sonyinsider forums. status: use (removed from md desk), no over write head, playback and record test has good. qty 10 (one man one pick-up), what you need optical pick-up type, please pm for this topic. recipients pay shipping charges i'm do not know the shipping, I will ship to the recipient by PhilippeC. Please contact PhilippeC. Pictures to be updated
  6. Thank you for speaking well for me
  7. you want to sell them is how much? PM for me
  8. deleted as duplicative..........................
  9. I want people to see the desks in a state of status quo and help people know if there are changes you buy. I can do better with the before and after photos of desks, but would be too many pictures and forum are not allowed. Let me suggest I want to buy out the remaining 80 desks....haha. PhilippeC be transported to Vietnam for me!!!
  10. No....it is a sacrifice to save your SJ-MD605
  11. Teac MD-5 Teac H300 Sony MDS-W1 Sony MXD-D2 Sony MXD-D5 Sony MDS-JE780 Sony MDS-JE770 Sony MDS-JE700 Sony MDS-JE640 Sony MDS-JE520 Sony MDS-JB940 Sony MDS-JA33ES Sony MDS-JA30ES Sony MDS-503 Denon 1600AL Denon 2000AL
  12. This is my work area .... also of you?
  13. phamcu

    JA50ES parts

    he walked away, never come back
  14. http://www.minidisc....nual/index.html and http://esupport.sony.com/US/p/model-home.pl?mdl=MZR50&template_id=1&region_id=1&tab=manuals#/manualsTab
  15. That dream was gone away by others
  16. phamcu

    JA50ES parts

    true picture and price?
  17. I have JA50ES Black, JA555ES Gold and JA333ES Gold....My god,...JA333ES black very nice, it is my dream
  18. I would not sell it. I am using to burn md discs from the computer
  19. I have a LAM-X1, but it has no speakers. next I'll have more but if it shows Japanese language is very difficult to sell. you did go to France?
  20. I have a LAM-X1, but it is the Japanese version. Is anyone like me that are using the English version does not? Thanks
  21. you temporarily use B5 in situation like that, i am to need more time to hunt IC LC89051V in Vietnam
  22. if I would not turn off demo, because the demo features will protect the VFD display lights. In inactive status, not all content on the VFD lights are displayed. After a period of dark spots always will fade comparison with bright points always. Demo feature will assist on a uniform brightness lamp by opening rotating on/off the point in waiting time.
  23. W7 is simply not noticed any change in the 052 and it does not accept the USB of S500. PID is the Sony MDS-S500 = USB \ VID_054C & PID_013F
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