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  1. Cool, I guess i just did something wrong yesterday because i tried again this afternoon and it works just fine ! So (for Win 7 64bit): - First I Pasted all last azureal post in a txt, renamed it in NETMD760.inf - Then i plugged my Net Md (error sound) - Peripheriques (plugs ? i don't know the English word) and locate the new driver - The driver is not signed, so there is a error message ... whatever ... press ok - It worked ! Thank you guys you're the best, i can't thank you enough ! EDIT : Arf, i just remember why i stopped using that *** Md, ... we can't download files we recorded .... how could i not remember that !!! Anyway, thanks !
  2. Hi ! Sorry if i did not get it, but i downloaded the files and replace the old one by yours (.txt in .inf ...) but my mz n710 is still not recognize by my computer. When I tell him which file he can find the drivers, it says that there are no drivers for my Walkman on the computer ... (Windows 7 64 family edition) I don't really know what i'm doing so do you have any thougts ? Thanks (and sorry for my english) Fran
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