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  1. You do. Has everyone seen this? Works on my Windows 8 machine. Thanks all, for the drivers. Working fine with an MZ N1. David
  2. Hey Brighton Bear, thats brilliant! I was just about to give up having Sonic Stage work on my new Vaio. (Windows 8 with Classic Shell) Now I have it working fine with the Ultimate version talking nicely with an MZ N1. Great stuff! Merry Christmas, David
  3. I had some success through another route. I used my laptop computer as DVD player and got an optical output via an external sound card (Audigy 2NX). So you were right that it was a BluRay player problem rather than a minidisc problem. Other observations: don't use Sychro record as a DVD doesn't have tracks the same as a CD. It didn't put any track splits in, other than one in the middle of the first song (that now has a 2 second gap there). After the whole disc was finished I went through and manually inserted track splits. Regards, David
  4. Thanks Guru, So you are saying the discs might allow copying but the player is changing SCMS bits? I think that particular Samsung is my only player with optical out. I have ripped DVDs but it is a lot of work, including sample rate conversion and some audio editing. One reason to go back to a PCM output was that I am trying to get the music only parts off of a Yellow Submarine DVD. I couldn't find them in a ripped DVD. Anybody else have any luck with digital recording via optical from DVDs? David
  5. I found an optical digital lead and minijack adaptor, so thought I would try some digital recording on my MZ-RH10. My primary goal is to be able to pull sound tracks off of a number of music DVDs that I own. I know I can record via analog inputs but I was hoping the auto track features of Synchro Record would make things easier. I connected to a Samsung BluRay player and went into Sychro record mode. I got the message NO DIGITAL COPY which I take as running into SCMS restrictions. Well I tried 3 DVDs an SACD and a regular CD. All played on the BluRay play but none would record (as consolation the recorder recorded 3 seconds of silence every time I stopped the subject disc!). Is this the way it is? Will every disc have SCMS problems? Is there any way to really record a digital input or is this essentially a useless feature? I may just go back to my Tascam DR-07 for all my recording. Much easier. David S
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