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  1. Thanks for all of the suggestions! Discretion is definitely a must since most venues frown upon recording, so I may have to sacrifice a little quality in order to get the recording stuff in. I actually used the Sony ECM-719 w/ my Sony MZ-R90 last year at a Chris Cornell concert and think it came out pretty well. Always trying to improve though so all of the advice is much appreciated! http://www.mediafire.com/?y2jlk2dcmjw
  2. Wow, that was really fast! Thanks for the quick response! So these aren't Hi-MDs, right? I was under the impression that Hi-MDs won't work on my unit, correct? Maybe you can help me out with one more question... I need to buy a microphone as well. Sony ECM-719, Sony ECM-DS70P, & Sony ECM-CS10 seem like my best options. Are you familiar w/ any of those mics? Thanks again!
  3. Hi, I'm gonna try recording a Chris Cornell acoustic concert and have an old Sony MZR90 but need some MDs to record on. I was gonna by these http://www.crutchfie...cs-10-pack.html but just wanted to make sure they're compatible. Any help with this question & also finding a decent deal would be much appreciated. Also, I need to buy a microphone. The Sony ECM-719, Sony ECM-DS70P, & Sony ECM-CS10 seem like good options. Can anybody recommend any of those mics? Thanks!
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