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  1. I've moved tracks out of and between groups before, in SoundStage and on the unit itself, without problems. I realize there is a risk inherent in moving files, especially in Hi-LP mode. I usually do keep two copies of digital material, both as an .oma file and as a .mp3 (sometimes a .wav if necessary.) That's what I would have done anyway, once the .oma file was transferred to the hard drive and made a .wav or an .mp3 file through MarC's HiMDRenderer. In addition, I use the SS Backup tool regularly. The main problem is, I rarely if ever do phone interviews. I don't know how to create an effective failsafe if I lose an interview, that and I'm on a rather tight budget right now. I need to find a relatively affordable option, so this doesn't happen again. What sort of MP3 recorders would one recommend on this forum?
  2. I recently tried to download a track I recorded on my MiniDisc player to my computer, so that I could convert/edit it in .wav/.mp3 later on. This .oma file contained an interview I had conducted for my site. I had recently taken the file out of its group in order to make it standalone. Whether I absentmindedly deleted the track or SoundStage 4.3 doesn't recognize it anymore, I no longer have access to the interview. I know this has been asked many times before on this forum, but is it possible to recover deleted files in some way? The interview was recorded on a JVC MD74 disc (i.e., standard 80-min. disc), in HiMD mode, Hi-LP. The MiniDisc is a MZ-NH700. I'm most likely SOL here, although QHiMDTransfer on Windows XP recognizes fifteen files that aren't listed in the SoundStage program. I can't transfer these "phantom" files from QHiMDTransfer to my hard drive due to DRM restrictions, obviously. I realize I should make the MD disc itself read-only (i.e., flip the tab) before I transfer an .oma track to my computer. I'm usually diligent in backing things up/transferring things created by my MiniDisc player to my computer, having owned the MiniDisc player since at least 2007. At the very least, is there a way to get around DRM restrictions with QHiMDTransfer? Perhaps I need to install QHiMDTransfer on Linux, since the Windows version is fairly useless to me right now. I think the deleted files still exist, as QHiMDTransfer still recognizes them. I should point out that my install of QHiMD is version 0.0.1, so I no doubt need to update the program EDIT: I recognize what those fifteen files are now. They're files I recorded prior to the interview, but never archived. The interview is most likely gone. For the record, those fifteen files are backups of my record collection.
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