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  1. Cheers for the reply again gonna have a few more cracks at sorting the Windows PC out, maybe even dual boot with XP. Have had MD recorders for a while now, 13 or more years and Sony's software has always been problematic.
  2. In the same boat as you Joel, have tried to uninstall as many bits as possible to clear traces of previous drivers etc. but not tech savvy here. Cna get sonicstage to recognise player in hi-md mode but as soon as i chose net-md drop down, the bing-bong sounds of windows unmounting and remounting, comes up with the "device not connected" message. Have tried all the stuff am competent with as mentioned on here, but to no avail. Current dilemma: MZ-RH1 PC set up -running Windows Vista Home Premium 64 Bit -Sonicstage 4.3 (version from here), Drivers NETMD760 (From here) This set-up allows access in Hi-MD mode but will not recognise in NetMD mode (pointed the drivers to correct folder), in device manager, the NET MD is shown in "Universal Serial Bus controllers" as NEt MD with yellow triangle/exclamation, with following message in properties, "Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39) Click 'Check for solutions' to send data about this device to Microsoft and to see if there is a solution available." when i attempt to point it at the NETMD760 folder it states that correct driver is already installed. Also (more confusing) running soncstage 4.3 , windows XP SP2 in Parallels on a Macbook pro, this recognises MZ-RH1 as a NETMD and allows transfer of music in NETMD. However if i format disc in Hi-MD on unit, the message appear that the disc wasn't formatted via snicstage and can't be used for audio. If i try to format disc in sonicstage i get error messages. So currently switching between 2 machines and a bit frustrated, am totally crappy at understanding the technical side of drivers and registry tomfoolery, and attempted to do this on PC only, as yet no joy. Really wishing there was just one package of software that would instantly do it's job, although I know Sony software ids a minefield. Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. Cheers for reply Tried all the drivers and tweaks, just not working can get MZ-RH1 to be recognised in Windows Vista Home Basic 64 Bit as Hi-MD, but as soon as i try the Net MD mode, it goes a-hunting for drivers, tried editing the .inf files and uninstalling and reinstalling with drivers quoted, but alas no joy. Not terribly competent on doing much with system and wish there was a straight-out-of-the box way of doing things. Have resorted to using 2 machines now. and possibly less frustrating for me, but power consuming. If anyone has a straight forward simple way it would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Originally tried using MZ-RH1 with a Macbookpro , running Sonicstage 4.3 through windows XP through parallels, Would only accept transfer in Net MD mode. Not able to utilis the full potential and not finding any way of recording to Hi-MD, i went back to using a PC (Windows Vista Home Premium 64 Bit), up until today that seemed to work, allowed me to do a full 13 hours on an Hi-MD formatted 80 minute standard MD. However Have switched mode to standar NET MD on player, and now Windows seems to want a new driver, have downloaded all drivers i Know of and pointed the updater to relevant folders only to be told the drivers are up to date. Now, Sonicstage does not recognise the player (and BTW Explorer has not shown it as an external drive at ANY time), and on opening Sonicstage (normally and as Admin ) have had several error messages, usually with the Sonicstage Library wanted something or another, click on YES and the next box shows just a yellow triangle with exclamation mark, over & over and over. Now thinking that MD is gonna end up on eBay, please help. Sorry not technical, and in no way a programmer, have tried re-installs and re-boots but alas no joy.
  5. Cheers for the reply Have tried a multitude of things, initialised disks in the machine MZ-RH1, but Sonicstage will recognise it as Hi-MD, Mac recognises it as Hi-MD, but Sonicstage will not allow disc to be used for audio, Powered up PC insted and now when trying to convert MP3 to Atrac 48kps it won't allow it, saying that data is not transferrable, am using the CD that came with the unit Sonicstage 3.4 or summat, and wondered if that was the case, gonna tinker on and see if newer Sonicstage will let me do what I want. Plus got 20 Brand new TDK MDs from Amazon to fill, hopefully get sorted before i start going mad.
  6. I know it's a bit late in the day for HI-MD, as some people would have us believe, but always liked the MD format, and have had several players throughtout my long years. Recently got an MZ-RH1 as a wee treat to myself, all looked great in its spec, and when I got the machine was happy with it (cosmetically), even if the buttones are a tad wee. Problem time now, have managed to get Sonicstage running on a Macbook Pro, running Window XP Service Pack 2 through Parallels, all seems well, even though never been a huge fan of Sonicstage and knowing that it sometimes doesn't recognise the player, am more than aware of the USB plugging/unplugging that needs to be done for it to recognise the MD unit. All was well using the MZ-RH1 in standard minidisc mode, can copy music at all compressions, so I decided to format a standard TDK MD80 (brand new) to HI-MD, plugged into Mac, and reconised , HURRAH, in Windows Sonicstage ebven recognises it as HI-MD, but then "cannot use this as an audio disc as was not initialised in sonicstage" error, or something along those lines. Following its recommendations, i went into device info and attempted initialisation, on for an error to appear. This is bugging me now, as wish to use this mode for long audiobooks and radio recordings i've collected over the years. Tried ipods etc, and i do own an iphone, but I want the use of MD as want ability to shuffle through, edit and keep stuff and always preferred the sound of MD. Hope somebody can give me a pussh in right direction here, not intending buying dedicated HI-MD discs as have a collection of standard MDs which i hoarded when Richer Sounds used to sell them for mere pennies. Please assist, Ta in advance Alan
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