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  1. I got help from a friend yesterday, and she thought outside of the box..... get a different program! I was so narrow minded that I didn't think of that and so glad she did. I have JSymphonic, works PERFECTLY and runs on java. Its simple, fast, and I don't have to worry/deal with all the bullcrap to try and get sonicstage runnning. Phew glad that's over with. Thanks for your help though! JSymphonic FTW
  2. here are some pictures of what I see when I download and install this. No option for installing as if I had XP that I see.
  3. how would I go about telling windows to install as if I had XP? When I go to download SonicStage 4.3 from this website, I don't get options for downloading, it just downloads and there is also no option for installation it just installs. I know AFTER I install it I can change the compatability mode to XP SP2 or SP3 but I tried that and it still doesnt work. Any solutions? The only thing I can choose is the destination of the folder to install.
  4. I downloaded SonicStage Ultimate release 2 from this site. I tried to open it, but got the same problem. I tried to look for the HomeURL Hive, but could not find it. After downloading SonicStage Ultimate release 2, I saw the NetMD Driver 64-bit Win7 or Vista download on your site and it looked like that is what I needed to download to make this work. When I downloaded it, it just came up as a .zip folder. Not at all sure what to do with this, if I need to somehow incorporate this .zip folder into SonicStage Ultimate release 2 that I downloaded or something, I don't know. What should my next step be? p.s. what do you mean by "download it direct, not into XP box" ? what does "download direct" exactly mean and what is an "XP box"?
  5. Which version of SonicStage from this site should I download?the ultimate?
  6. UPDATE: Okay, I thought this might be the problem. I installed SonicStage 4.3 for Windows XP on my Windows 7 Home Premium with the program running under Windowns XP compatibility mode (I was desperate at the time hoping this would solve it). It didn't. So I uninstalled SonicStage 4.3 and installed SonicStage 4.0 from the disc that came with my MP3 player. Once installed, I went into HKLM --> software --> wownode --> sony corp --> sonicstage --> EMD ---> HomeUrl and deleted the hive HomeUrl. I got a different result. It started up like it was going to open (loading and initializing etc.) but then I get a notice box saying, " SonicStage Application has stopped working: A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you is a solution is available" So I feel like I'm making progress, but problem not completely solved. any Ideas?
  7. So I deleted the Hive called HomeUrl and I still get tha same error message. Any Ideas PS. OMG!!!! Snake is on the top of this page along with this websites name (Snake or Big Boss?)..... EPIC!!! love it!!!! Too bad I don't have a PS3.... can't play MGS4..... when PS3 is like 100 bucks is when I'll buy it and play MGS 4, which won't be for like another 5 years haha
  8. lol Hive, got it. Hive is a term only used for the Regedit? Or other occasions?
  9. Ok thanks. Found the HomeURL folder. Now, should I (A) Delete the whole folder or ( Go into the folder with in the HomeURL (named '0') and delete something within that? Within '0' folder that is within the HomeURL folder, there is under the category Name, 1.) (Default) 2.) DirectJumpItemName 3.) MenuTitle 4.) MIMETypeCheck 5.) Title 6.) Url 7.) UseDmfStringComp 8.) UseSrcPackageId p.s. not sure what the difference between a 'key' and a 'value' is, if it has something to do with the folder itself (key/value) and the contents within that folder (key/value). Please excuse me for my naivety
  10. When using regedit, I see there is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\, but do not see the Sony Corporation part. Am I missing something? Edit: I see it under HKEY_CURRENT_USER/SOFTWARE ..... should I proceed to delete from there? Edit II: Inside EMD, there is (1) Name: Default ; Type: REG_SZ ; Data: (value not set) (2) Name: PIStatus ; Type: REG_DWORD ; Data: 0x00000000 (0)
  11. Can I consider you a friendly local person???? ::nudge nudge:: I just want SonicStage to work. Love this device and don't want to give it up.
  12. BTW I have Windows 7 Home Premium.... if that make a difference at all.
  13. So should I do what you told that guy to do? which was, "Any good with regedit? Try finding this: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Sony Corporation\SonicStage\EMD\HomeURL Just delete the key and all values inside it. Tell us if that helps Stephen " Not sure what regedit is. Should I locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Sony Corporation\SonicStage\EMD\HomeURL on my computer with the search feature? Then start deleting things? Thanks for your help and your speedy replies Jamaris
  14. Please help me make Sonicstage compatible with my 64-bit Windows 7 operating system!!!

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