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  1. Oh here is a picture of my Sony Qualia 017 charging in it's charging station... just took it out of the box and it still works perfectly. Again, I have all paperwork, original packaging, manual, earbuds, chain (yes it came with a chain), leather carrying case, attached remote, etc. If anyone is interested, I can post more photos of everything too. I was told by someone at the Sony store in LA , that mine was probably one of only a handful made for the U.S. market. I still have no idea why I bought the damn thing since I probably only used it a dozen times and never took it out of the house for fear of it being damaged. I'd be happy to give more information to anyone. Of course escrow.com would be fine and I'm in Los Angeles if anyone might want to see it in person! Thanks! Barry
  2. Someone just messaged me on this Forum... I actually have a Qualia 017 that I bought at the Sony Style Qualia Store in NYC, it's barely been used and still have the original box and all the extras... and the Sony Receipt! It's absolutely beautiful and incredibly rare! I actually had it posted on this board a few years ago so I'm guessing its still on here because like I said someone messaged me the other day. I have a ton of pictures if anyone is interested. Thanks! Barry Los Angeles, CA
  3. I'll do my best in the next week to take some better pictures, but I don't have use of a scanner at the moment. I can take some decent pics though if that will help.
  4. I don't have the actual receipt (actually I might, just haven't looked for it), but I do have the user manual. I have everything that it originally came with - It's basically new out of the box. The pics don't do it justice, but funny enough I lent a friend my real camera to sell their vintage Marantz stereo. I really don't want to sell it, but need to fund some projects so I thought why not now. Anyway, thanks for looking!
  5. Good to know. Yeah if it isn't worth what I think it is, I'd be more inclined to keep it. It really is quite beautiful. I'm pretty sure I paid $1900 + tax when I bought it - had money to burn back in the day. I remember the salesman was all about the earphones. Thanks!
  6. So I have a Qualia 017 Mini Disc Player in Polished Chrome - Complete and LIKE NEW! See Photos! Comes with: Main unit Remote Headphones Earbuds Neckchain to the remote Battery charging stand Carrying case (leather) AC power adaptor Cleaning cloth Owner's Guide Complete with original packaging and boxes. I bought this at the New York Sony Style store quite a long time ago. They were made to order and it took two months for it to arrive. I've barely used it and it was more on display in my collection than carried around (which it never was) I just tried it out and it still works beautifully and the sound is incomparable. I'm thinking about selling it... I know they're rare and that very few were bought or made and possibly worth thousands??? I'm accepting serious offers... it really is a beautiful piece of engineering. I really have know idea how much this player is worth, someone at Sony once said $5,000, but that was a long time ago. I've never seen one for sale on eBay and trust me I've looked. I've attached some pictures too... enjoy! Now seems like the right time. Thought about eBay, but I'd like to see what this forum has to say about it. Any offers or more information about how many were made and how much it's worth? Is it now just a working object d'art? Thanks! Barry
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