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  1. I am using Sony NW-E002 model. I have managed it to work wit 1.10 version of the program, that 1.10bugfix version does not offer instalation, it runs like when the 1.10 version is instaled on the player. Please try it. Thank You and greetings
  2. Firstly, greetings to all on the forum, and allready a question 1. I have bought this Sony mp3 player and i want to play mp3 files on it. I have formated it and manually make OMGAUDIO/10F00 folders. I have downloaded this Voidmp3 program(.exe file, NOT .zip file) and that is it. There is no .zip file that was mentioned in the instructions so i dont know what to do next, what and where and HOW to extract this program ?? Where is root directory ? Is it E:/ ? PLEASE can someone tell me steb-by-step instructions to make it work finally. Also on e-mail. Thank You very much and greetings from Croatia
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