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  1. Sergio: They were around $60? Plus shipping? Something along those lines, so I think an honest price, since they were sealed. But, and there I'm going to piss all the "true collectors" amongst you, I still use my MD pretty often, so I actually went ahead and opened them up. So they're not as valuable now ^^; Zokuchou: Yeah, all those are awesome designs! I keep an eye out for all the designs I do not currently have, even though my main focus are those traffic lights Punkrockaddict: This page is from when they announced the release of those discs, so unfortunately that is indeed out of date
  2. @sescoscuba : Yeah I'm afraid this is going to be though, but who doesn't try doesn't win @zokuchou : I just nabbed a 6-designs series, with the Pink Lady, Zebra, Fire, Mona Lisa, Yellow Arrows and Blue Traffic Lights. So there's that And yeah the maps one are gorgeous too, good luck finding them too!
  3. ...you know, the ones with traffic lights on them? I am also interested by other Bit Club designs, so contact me for those too maybe! The people who have got that series probably do not want to sell it, but if by chance one of you do, contact me to discuss the price! By the way, living in Belgium if you want to get an estimation of what the shipping cost will be. I am really, really looking hard everywhere for them. Thanks for your time! For reference, I am mostly interested by these https://picasaweb.google.com/101390078097751447444/TDK#5850667810333829122
  4. Edit : stupid question XD Nevermind Edit 2 : A better question : is money order the only way to pay ? I'd be really interested, but I'm in Belgium...
  5. It hasn't, indeed ^^ Very happy so far !
  6. Hello all ! Want something else that's kinda cheerful ? How about a new MD user and a new member here ? XD I just ordered my first MD unit (a MZ-RH1, of course) from Amazon, should be here tomorrow or something if all goes well. I've always been kinda fascinated by the MD format, and I even got my hands on a friend's MZ-R700, but it wasn't working anymore. Seeing that I lost my Cowon S9 (which had a superb audio quality, far above everthing else I ever tried, I must say), and that the linux-minidisc project has reached a point where it seems capable of doing what I need, I thought it was time to take the plunge. So here I am, a brand new "convert" this late in the game ! I can't wait for the player to get here...
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