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  1. Having just bought an NW-A1200 as an upgrade from a previous Sony Flash Memory NW it is interesting to note that if you stay loyal to the brand as I have it doesnt do you any good . I have 2 Sony Vaio's (a notebook and a desktop) both have Sonicstage 4.2 with the desktop having 5500 Atrac3 music files in . I cannot swap files between the desktop and the laptop because Sony is so worried about me making illegal copies . All 5500 files came from my own CD collection . I can upload the files to the A1200 OK but not my new Sony Ericsson K750! as it just dont work with Atrac3 files. MP3 no worry but try and use a proprietory system developed by Sony ,you must be joking . So all this marketing by SE to boost sales of phones by using the Walkman brand is frankly disengenious.If you ring SE and say you have an A1200 and a K750I and that they will not talk to each other through your Sony Vaio guess what advise you are given !!!!!! "Oh just download iTunes and refeed the cd's which will save them as MP3 files." Fantastic !!!! Nice one Sony, sounds like you and the SE boys havnt been having any discussions about convergent technologies or maybe SE has which is why it is staying away from ATRAC ..............................
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