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  1. OK, so now asked a friend to register the details in the UK on a UK spec computer he gets the same error, when entering the same details - code is invalid. I checked with the blu-ray player again today and wrote doen the 4 digit code Some of the Sony quoricity sites are still down in europe, is this linked to the essentials site being down as well ?
  2. Hello again, I have two blu ray players to register and a Bravia TV All three codes are different as you might expect, however the sony essentials web site still reports all codes as incorrect I have used a different computer with a UK keyboard, plus the Sony essentials web site has drop down menus for the date of purchase in the order of month, day, year (US format) It does look like a Sony issue. My call to the sony helpdesk got me nowhere. I tried to register a fault call on the Sony products website too - however I get a message to say there is an error with the web form I have completed. No indication to what the error might be either !! I've attached that error screen here too. So now I'm really fed up with Sony support - telephone support doesn't provide me with any assistance, the web based support enquiry does not work and the website I'm supposed to register my player and TV onto for internet TV access refuses to accept the Sony generated codes displayed to me. Where do I go next for assistance, does anyone know ?? thanks Robin
  3. Thanks for the swift reply. The code that the blu-ray player has displayed is jvj4 so that shouldn't be a probem. I did buy the player in France and I am directed to the French essentials website. I do have the original purchase receipt as well so I am 100% sure of the date that I'm entering into the web page too. Is the date an actual requirement of the essentials website registration ? Is there some form of check with date, serial number, model number and 4 digit code ? Still no email from the Sony helpdesk, so I'm completely at a loss, tried again today, still have the same error message, invalid code Please let me know if you hear of a resolution thanks Robin
  4. I have a Sony blu-ray player that i have connected to my home network. It obtains an IP address Ok from my router and then can connect to the internet ok. I have sucessfully updated the software on the blu-ray player via this internet connection. I went to advanced options, wrote down the 4 letter/digit code to register the player on internet.sony.tv I keep getting an errror message on the sony essentials site to say I have an incorrect code. I have checked the code again, it is showing the same 4 digit/letters as before I have already registered the blu-ray player on sony.com and i have a sony login and password I am unable to create the essentials login because of this error I also tried to register my Sony Bravia TV, I wrote down its enhanced features 4 digit number, however the essentials site still says I have an incorrect code I telephoned the sony help desk. I was told that there had been some issues with the sony essentials site, the person I spoke to has taken my email details, the serial number, date of purchase and the 4 digit code, but I have not heard anything back yet and when I tried again today I still could not create the essentials account as I am told that the 4 digit code is not correct please advise me how I can get my blu-ray player and tv registered, thanks Robin
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