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  1. bump , if there is anything i can do to make this sale , please let me know.
  2. Hi All, I am aware that I am new here ergo no reputation , my purpose here is to sell my minidisc recorder/player , to someone who can make full use of the item, since I don't use the item anymore + I am unemployed so I am trying to convert what little belongings I have to cash. I live in California , San Jose area, and will be able to meet local interested parties. If you need more information / pictures just let me know I appreciate your help Thanks In Advance The MD player I am selling is as follow: - price : $50 + shipping. - Sony MZ-R50 - blue - with remote - with auxiliary battery compartment - 10 mini disc - mini disc storage box - no adapter - no earphone - not sure if battery holds charge, but it costs 8 bucks to replace. Images
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