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  1. I removed all "rogue" drivers usb and i reboot my computer. I plug my MD and nothing happen again no rogue device add on device manager. I begin to be short of option everything i try failled And my cable is okay, it's work with my md on another computer maybe like you said it's a mismatch of USB speed. You have a solution for that ?
  2. I want to try install the drivers but i don't understand how, if a do a rightclick-> intall i have a message error ( the inf file are you selected doesn't support this method ) and there are no .exe so how can i do this ? on device manager i never see my MD so i can't undate my driver
  3. I don't understand how can it be already installed, i format my hard drive 1 week ago so i dont understand And i never install the xp mode with 7 therefore i think the drivers will be good because i'm on native 7 64 bit i hope i answer all questions this time
  4. The only thing i install is sonic stage 4.3. Like i said i can't install drivers because my computer won't detect the MD, and i haven't install virtual machine. At 43 seconds of tutorial movies you can see an unspecified device (net md). My computer NEVER show this so i can't install the correct driver, can i ? I can launch sonic stage, and my MD display PC-->MD when i plug usb cable So my only real problem is how can i have this unspecified device for intall the correct driver like in the tutorial. I hope it's more clear now and you understand my problem Many thanks for your quickly answer
  5. Hi I watch this tutorial, and unfortunatly when i plug my Net MD nothing happen...it's like if i plug nothing. Therefore i haven't an unknow device usb on device manager, so i can't used the drivers for windows 7 64bits ( ). My OS: 7 ultimate 64bits with Sonic Stage ultimate 4.3 MD : MZ-N910 Many thanks
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