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  1. ahm...try to convert first your videos into a format that your player compatible with...
  2. Thanks for the names. Although, if my sources are right, I might as well start shopping on E-bay. Thanks for the additional info too. I've been wondering about how people been turning their PS3s into some sort of alternative PC.
  3. Do you know any specific details I can spell out on e-bay (like a model identification number or something) to help me refine my search?
  4. Hi there. I'm considering in getting a PS3 (maybe by finding a way to trade-in my PS2 for it). Still, I'm very much attached to my PS2 games and there are in fact a lot of PS2 games out there I still want to try. Now I've heard there are PS3s out there that can play PS2 games. Is this true? If so, where can I find one or how do I specify the type I'm looking for. As much as I've been playing with Playstation for over ten years, I'm still not good with more technical terms. I'd really appreciate some answers. Thank you.
  5. There was a moment where I didn't play my PS2 for a year (got hooked to my PSP XD) but it still worked fine when my siblings and I decided to play Tales of the Abyss again. I still have trouble finding time to play it frequently but frankly, I'm more worried about my controllers rusting up than my PS2. ^^;
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