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  1. One thing that was not mentioned is the manufacturer of the blank MD disc. I have had issues with aging Maxell MD's plus I have heard of other manufacturers' MD's have had problems except for Sony and TDK blank MD's. Also if the blank MD was recorded with a portable Net MD unit at any time, the disc may have to be "initialized" to properly erase all remnants from the Net MD unit so the MDS-JA555ES deck will recognize the MD disc properly. I would not turn the unit off with a disc in it because the disc could jam and cause a circuit board problem (I had this happen once and had to send the unit
  2. If money no object the best MD unit by far is the Sony MDS-JA555ES. I also have the MDS-JA333ES unit and although it also sounds great, it has a slight "hashiness" compared to the MDS-JA555ES. I also have the Sony MDS-JA50ES ("the tank" as most people called it) and I wish the MDS-JA555ES was as indestructible, but you can tell the huge difference in the MDS-JA555ES blowing it away. I also owned the MDA-JA20ES and the MDS-JA50ES unit was far superior to it. I believe Sony tried to sell more MDS-JA333ES units by making it cheaper than the MDS-JA555ES so of course it is lighter and I believe a l
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