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  1. Hi.First i would like to thank you all for the advice i managed to get the top off the deck,i put a virgin disk in and it spins ok.I think i will take Jim up on his offer to repair it,Jim i`ll send a PM now thank`s everybody. Ron
  2. Hi all, I have no idea what is causing the c13 error,iv`e tried different disks and still i geta c13 errorand the machine ejects the disk .the deck really is in mint condition it would be criminal to take it to the council tip,Ihave a Pioneer MJ-D508 Minidisk Deck it`s not a patch on the sony,I v`e a Sony Walkman Mz-R700 minidisk ,and a sony Mz-50 Walkman.I would be grateful for any advice,help ETC.Thanks in Antipipation Ron
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