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  1. Oh, wow. Thank you for bringing that to my attention. This may mean that my old Vaio has an input and output as well. Going to take a closer look when I get home, and I'll report my success!
  2. I just replaced my old Vaio, model VGC-LV140J, with a new all-in-one, the VPC-L232FX/B. I want to know how I can utilize my old Vaio as a dual monitor for my newer one. I've tried connecting them both up via HDMI cable, but I wasn't able to configure a new monitor that way. How can I correctly do this? The old Vaio has Windows Vista, and the new one is running Windows 7. Is this a problem, or is this not significant? Also, the older Vaio has an S-Video input. I mention this because I suspect that I may need an HDMI to S-Vid cable. Looking very forward to any word from the community. My deepest appreciation.
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