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  1. Everything works, just that on the optical there is noise. Only after something played stops, the noise comes.
  2. The noise in the optical output on the ASUS card
  3. They both work, but I do not need them to output the same at the same time. They issue is there even if the onboard soundcard is disabled in BIOS. I'll post later about changing PCI express slot when I get some time over...
  4. I had it disabled before, always. I never thought I would need two soundcards. I enabled it after this issue on the ASUS card, so that's not it.
  5. What software are you talking about? I barely have anything... If it's foobar plugins you mean, I have tried a clean install of foobar, same... I don't think that this is a software issue, either a bug in the driver or hardware issue... I use Autoruns to uncheck unwanted start-ups in Windows. Tomorrow I'll try changing PCIx slot. Thanks!
  6. What do you mean by a lot of software, lot of plugins? Even if so, the PC can handle it, quad core, 16GB 1600MHz DDR 3 RAM , SSD Corsair Force GT Series and cool temps.
  7. No need for new soundcard, the one on the motherboard is okay for recording. I just tried the recording without anything connected This one bar is always there, regardless of what is connected. I just tried with the ASUS card with disabled MIC and Line In, thanks for the tip but does not help. With the ASUS card it shows 4 bars of constant noise. This does not happen before playing a track, only after a tracks stops or if I stop it. I have tried chaging to different outputs, WASAPI, Kernel, ASIO and DirectSound but same thing. And many other settings, same thing... See below I'm just pointing out.
  8. That soundcard has a headphone amp, when bought it I wanted to get Sennheiser HD600 but later changed my mind and got AKG K550. It can handle headphones up to 600ohm. The optical cable I have is called mini toslink, 3.5mm on both ends. looks like this. I am using optical cable, that I am sure of. The same connection is used for optical and coaxial digital output. I just don't understand why the constant noise is there, it should'nt be at all. No I do not hear the noise in any headphones or speakers. We have left the main topic Thanks for trying to help but I'm gonna get in touch with ASUS if the problem persist after I change PCI express slot. I have been thinking of changing motherboard soon so maybe that will help. The noise is not loud but it's there and it's like constant interference.
  9. I'm talking about the plugin WASAPI output support http://www.foobar200.../foo_out_wasapi The foobar plugin that adds 2-3 seconds does not work on latest stable foobar. I'm not using coaxial output, I don't think that even works. I'm using the optical cable, same as on BluRay/DVD device with optical output. And I am not using the RCA output, have not tried that yet. I don't know but this leads me to believe that there is some kind driver issue. With the ASUS soundcard I get noise with the optical output and with the built in soundcard on my motherbord I don't get it (or at least the same as on BluRay/DVD player). The reason I don't have a stereo because I use mostly headphones, atm Sennheiser HD595 and AKG K550. AKG K550 I mostly use with my DAP iAudio 7 16GB with FLAC. The optical cables I have tried are the original that come with the minidisc (I think) I have three and all are the same. The optical cable with the ASUS soundcard I tried a 3,5 optical cable on both ends, because the ASUS card does not have a ordinary optical output.
  10. Don't have a stereo, can't I just connect directly to the MD line in? The cable needed I already have. I just found out that the optical output (at max volume) on my motherboards soundcard is the same as a DVD player volume level. Tried at my parents home. And that the small noise on the motherboards soundcard is the same as on the DVD player. Of 8 bars (loudest) only 1 is shown while in recording mode (even if nothing is played), is this normal? I'm gonna try to change my ASUS soundcard to another PCI Express slot. While in recording mode and not playing anything the noise on the ASUS soundcard is 3 or 4 bars (you can hear it). I know about the volume on CD's, I prefer to manually edit it with Sound Forge. Searching for highest peak on the album, and increasing the volume on all tracks so it's close to peak level. I always keep my CD's, also the EAC rip as it originally is and one copy of how I want it to sound like. I have bought a few MDs recently of nostalgia, all the MD models I wanted when I had a MD player (at the time MZ-R909). Now I have MZ-N1, MZ-R909 and two of MZ-N910. I partially solved my problem by tunring on sync rec on the MD and playing each track manually. When one track stops the recording stops after 2-3 seconds, then I just double click on the next track then it starts playing and recording. The foobar plugin does not work, is it is because I use WASAPI output? It's at least half the work now, I don't have to do anything on the MD.
  11. Sorry for late reply. I live in Sweden. Records: Chesky Records and Linn Records I know about the foobar plugin. I am suprised when I Google something like "PC to minidisc recording" that there is no software to replicate the track mark as with CD/DVD/Bluray device with optical out. And that there is no clear answer to default volume output on optical output on PC. I do not know why but I get some noise with ASUS Xonar Essence STX with optical out but not with my motherboard build in soundcard on optical out. If nothing is on 4-5 bars are shown, as if it's constant sound but on the optical out on the built in soundcard on the motherboard it's just one. This is just noise when I do not play anything.
  12. I mean if I increase or lower the volume in Windows (master) or foobar, the volume changes in the recording. So how do I know what level is equal to the original volume? And since I like it loud, I need to know this. I don't like ReplayGain, so I have no use for it. I'm gonna get Philips BDP7600 It has optical out, will it send track marks to the minidisc? Thanks for those records but they don't offer my type of music. If anyone knows any for rock and metal, please do tell.
  13. I have ASUS Xonar Essence STX But still isn't better to record from a device such as CD/DVD/BluRay with optical out? I also use foobar and TAK for lossless storage I would like to use my PC for recording but recording to SP seems to be difficult since the volume changes. To increase more than the peak level only destroys the sound and to have too low is annoying. Can I set the default volume on PC? To be identical to as if I would have recorded with a CD/DVD/BluRay device with optical output. If I change the volume on a CD/DVD/BluRay with optical out the volume is the same. So basically I want the volume to be lossless, the same...
  14. Hello, If I record with Type S and play it on a MD that supports only Type R, do I get the Type S sound decoded? I read online that Type S is an improvement for SP, is that so? Where can I get ATRAC history changes? Are there any benefits of encoding lossless to latest ATRAC for MD use, with for example Sound Forge? Also curious why 292kbps isn't available in Sound Forge, does anyone know?
  15. Maybe, depends on if I really need the Net MD function and how much? Will it work with Win 7 x64? I have ASUS Xonar Essence STX and thinking of recording of it instead of optical. Gonna try that first. Does anyone know if the atrac encodes of Sound Forge can be added to a ordinary MD? Preferbly higher than SP/ 292kbps
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