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  1. Package arrived today It turns out that there are 214 discs so I got 3 extra discs. Everything is in good nick, I'll get myself busy now...
  2. Thanks guys, Im going back to MD in full force. Just bought a Panasonic MD changer, I'll hook this up to my Panasonic CQ-TX5500 so I can play all the MDs in my car , heres are some pics of the changer and some that I took of the M200 & N10.
  3. That costs me $144 plus shipping from Tokyo, I guess Im not doing too bad
  4. Hello everyone, Ive been an MD user since 15 years ago. I remember buying my first MD MZ-R50 and felt in love with the portablity and sound. I was so impressed that I bought another one, the N10 and was pleased with usb music transfer (somewhat restricted). Unfortunately when mp3 players and Iphones came out, they were stored and never see the light again. Well not until a few weeks ago when I stumbled across this forums and all the memories came rushing back. I quickly dug up my beloved N10 gave her a quick overhaul and a few full charges and she sings beatifully again. After some research I decided to go back to MD and pulled the triger on the M200 and I must say its a product of art. The technology behind it is undeniable and it just look so sexy. The sound is incredible, those mp3 players and Iphones are nowhere near. Coupled with the JVC Victor FX700 it is defintely music to my ears (pun intended). But having lost most of my discs due to moving I decided to buy a few...welI decided to buy this: Yes ladies and gentlemen thats is 211 brand new sealed discs. Maybe I'm overthinking but I'm stocking them up now, just to be safe. I havent received them yet but I can see myself very busy in the next few weeks. Cheers and enjoy MDing
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