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  1. Thanks all of my MD friends!!!!!!!!! And thanks Kris...but when I put in compatibility mode a TON of features are disabled. I get nothing but errors. I just now performed a factory reset of WIN-10 Pro. (I kept all my files though, I dont think erasing the files themselves would affect SS at all. Just programming and software changes from the wipe). So......Right now I am going to install SS 4.3 fresh and give this a shot. I will let my MD buddies know how I make out. -Sean
  2. I am not very good at reading schematics but I'm going to give this a stab. I'm sure most of you know way way more than I do. This is just a hobby of mine and I have NO training on circuits and wiring. You have probably already addressed what I'm thinking here...but I'm curious. Could he try to ground the circuit path that the switch is connected in? If you look at the PCB diagram on page 29 it looks like hold is engaged when the circuit is actually closed. Shorting a lead from the hold switch should close, ground, or "short circuit" the entire path and should in theory disengage the hold function,no?. Try shorting a post from the s806 to the chassis to see if the hold function disengages. Do I even remotely sound like I know what I am talking about? Am I right? I'm into this stuff and I want to know if I read the diagram correctly and if I am right on how the hold switch operates in this circuit. As most of the community here already knows I always love to learn more and more about circuitry. I'm sure I tend to get a bit annoying at times so I am sorry lol! So if someone could give me a few sentences regarding my take on this that would be great. A simple little blurb would just make my day! :-) Good luck on this problem my MD buddies!! -Sean
  3. GRRRRRRRRRRRR....NO HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tried compatibility settings for vista, 7, 8, and XP was just a disaster. None of the others seemed to perform any differently than launching with Windows 10
  4. Ok.....this is something new. Yippee!!!! I am baffled. I have always been somewhat of an expert on MD and MD related topics, but this one has me stumped. I hope you are reading this Stephen because I could really use another brain right now. Running windows 10 Pro, SS 4.3 I kept getting the infamous "program has stopped working click to restart." After uninstalling and re-installing it a billion times I finally got the software to read the NET-MD and not crash right away. It now crashes every time I perform an action. I finally does the MD's just fine, it will let me edit, rename, delete, format, move, etc.......but directly after or during the edit the program crashes. Next when I try to re-open SS I get the sonic stage system restore wizard. Even more baffling is when I try to transfer tracks to the MD, I get a bunch of question marks then it completey freezes. I have tried reinstalling, regedit, restarting computer, etc.....to no avail. The question mark thing is comical to say the least. I have NO CLUE IN HELL what could be wrong with this. I have been on Windows 10 for a year and SS worked fine. I do remember the crash problem in the past, but I forget how we fixed it. But even then I didn't get these damn question marks. Please see attached screenshots. Update: I have managed to get Mp3s to transfer, but only newer ones. I get all of the question marks but after it is done the track is there and displayed correctly. I have a ton of music in a folder that works fine, but will not transfer unless I go re-save it with the same or different file type. these were transferrable with sonic stage at one time, but not now. Is something wrong with the folder? the tracks play fine through SS but wont transfer. They used to work. WTF!!? I'm ripping my hair out here!!!!!!!!! Could this be some sort of DRM? see the WTF SS5 file Please Please help me!!!!!! ;-)
  5. I tried the TOC cloning from an Analog disc to a Digital TOC of the same recording. The Digital copy had DRM encoding, and the Analog copy did not. When I cloned the Analog TOC to the disc with the Digital TOC and material, the DRM remained along with the Digital content. So no....I cant trick the SCMS or DRM with the TOC clone name stamp feature. Rats!!! I thought I was on to something! >:-<
  6. There are ALOT of features ONLY available on the remote on my MT770. All of the edits, bass, rec vol, etc.. options are ONLY accessible through the remote. But thank GOD!!!! The remote is beautiful with a crystal clear turquoise backlit display. It is quite a pleasure to use! :-) I just wish I could control everything from the unit when I'm making recordings from my home HI-FI and dont need to monitor the signal (still outputting the original signal anywayz). The pesky unneeded remote for that needs to dangle from it while not being connected to a damn thing.
  7. I have a really interesting question. I haven't tried this yet but the possibility is certainly viable. To beat the DRM/SCMS on Sonys, you would unplug the device before the TOC was written, and apply a "ghost" TOC upon re-power, which in turn erased the DRM/SCMS but replacing the TOC. My theory....These Sharp recorders have a utility called "name stamp" that EXACLTY clones the TOC from one disc to another. So...what if you made a digital recording off a CD, rendering the MD non reproducible to copy digital to another MD or CD burner, then make an exact recording via analog input which is reproducible. Next if we were to take the analog TOC and clone it to the digital TOC...will this erase DRM? The analog copy has no DRM and I am copying the TOC to a digital recording with DRM...will this replace the digital copies DRM and replace it with an analog signal??? HOWS THAT FOR SOME FOOD FOR THOUGHT LOL!!!!!!!!!?????????? Let me know what you guys have to say about this interesting idea, although its 99.9% likely to have been already tried and explored, we have a TON of experts on this forum...but just in case no one picked up on this I would like to have a little experiment to confirm. Cheers, Sean~.
  8. KJ, I started this thread because I came across my very first Sharp at the local Farmer's Market here in Delaware. It is an MD-MT770 and I paid a whopping $60 for it. After some research I realized that this was a MORE than a fair price. This unit is touted to be one of the best portables made, and I couldn't be happier with it. I dont use NET-MD too much for standard SP LP2 LP4 transfers, I prefer recording in real time so I get the true SP encoding. If you use sonic stage to transfer in SP, it is identical to LP2. A very knowledgeable member Steven informed us of this. The only time I use an MD via usb with NET-MD LP is to title and re-arrange tracks, so the missing USB feature on my Sharp MD-MT770 doesn't matter to me at all. I use a Sony MZ-S1 for the track editing purpose only. That being said; I do however, use S-Stage for my HI-MD transfers because the problems dont exist in HI-MD (I use an RH-10 for that). You can transfer at any bitrate you choose, even lossless...but that's off topic. I use the name stamp feature CONSTANTLY. When I need to label an old disc in "SP," for example, I do not want to sit and type for hours. So what I do is download the albums and or tracks, and burn them onto a Sony NetMD in LP4 (so its really fast). After I created the disc, I clone it with the AWESOME name stamp feature and afterwards simple just erase the "middle man" disc for use again. That is my fav feature also. Another thing.....I HATE HATE HATE the Sony's headphone volume. Its crippling to me. This has infuriated me since I upgraded from my original MZ1. The portable side of this technology is useless. I need volume and I am hard of hearing. I agree that the Sony's do in fact sound great with the treble feature, but as I mentioned, I need to pick one with sufficient volume. The sharp blows the Sony out of the water in CLEAR loud volumes, but doesn't sound as crisp so I had to just deal with it. Also, this unit (MD-MT770) is a treat to use. Small, lightweight, metal construction, and all the bells and whistles from the time, (Lacking treble control.) :-( They would have achieved minidisc perfection with this unit (MD-MT770) If they added that ONE TINY STUPID treble adjustment option. At least that must be what the design team thought about it. But to us....its NOT tiny, and NOT stupid. Anywayz...I am happy with my beautiful 770...and would take it over a Sony n510 or equiv. ANY DAY!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Hello!!!!!!!!!! I know this is all about minidisc on SONY INSIDER but I want to break off a little to discuss Sharp portables. If anyone wishes to contribute to this it would be freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Kind of in a rush right now while I am starting this thread, so I will post my info, reviews, and my opinions of them. "Sharp only" features and Sharp vs. Sony is a perfect example of my goal/approach for this topic. Participation would be really cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Catch y'all later fellow MD-Junkies!!!!!!!!
  10. I have a question for the experts.This was posted some time ago in a different forum but I didn't get any replies. This has been driving me crazy ever since mp3 cd's were conceptualized and adopted. Now most Compact DIsc players/DVD players have this capability. But there has always been a flaw and hindrance as far as the MiniDisc's compatibly with said MP3 CDs. Someone PLEASE give me your thoughts or ideas. Or perhaps an answer (Steven...cough cough cough). Read below to understand exactly what my problem is: I prefer to record optically from a CD to the MD in HI-SP mode or Linear PCM, rather than connecting the machine to a PC and transferring tracks from Sonicstage to the MD disc. For some reason it sounds better like this to me. I was over a friends house and they had a lot of music on their computer that I liked. So I quickly installed Sonicstage on their computer and burned 38 songs to a CD in MP3 format. I didn't have my RH-10 with me so I had to burn an actual CD. When I got home I put the CD in my Sony CD/DVD Changer Model# DVP-NC655P that is capable of playing MP3 CD's. The quality surprisingly sounded very acceptable. Next I attempted to start the recording with the optical in attached and the RH10. BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE DREADED AND LOATHSOME NO DIGITAL COPY MESSAGE!!!!!!!! WHY WHY WHY WHY????? THIS DOESNT MAKE ANY SENSE!!!! If I were to re-burn THOSE EXACT TRACKS to a standard audio cd, they would record to the RH-10 just fine....WTF!!!!!!!????????? Does anyone know a way around this rather than re-burning multiple audio CD's containing all the songs packed on the MP3 disc and recording optically from them? What a waste of blank CD media!!!!!!!!!!! I am baffled as to why I can record a FACTORY COPY PROTECTED CD and upload it to any computer unlimited times, but an MP3 CD wont record at all due to some kind of SCMS (Serial Copy Management System). Retarded! What a joke...... Does sonicstage encode MP3 cd's with some kind of SCMS that a normal LOSSLESS CD burned and copied doesn't have for some reason?? Would the RH10 allow the recording from MP3 CD if I burned them with another program? Or are all MP3 cd's played with a Sony CD player flagged with copy protection to the MD? Anyone's help is greatly appreciated! Thanks for the input, Sean
  11. Ill start with a mod that I just did to my hopeless MZ-R55.This was my first MD recorder EVER!!! I have had this thing in my "pile-o-electronics" and decided to play with it this morning. It is in pitiful shape....half the screen is cracked and the body looks like it went trough a tornado. I never expected this to work. I got out my 3V MD wall charger (the standard one) and plugged it in. It works PERFECTLY!!! lol!! I miss his little "buddy" of mine...lol!!! I had one problem however, I lost my MZ-RH10 but have 3 standard gumstick batteries that went along with it. Of course they are so drained the device wont recognize them to start the charging process. BTW....I have posted a solution to this charging issue on another thread, but Icant seem to find it at the moment, the search feature of this site sucks! Also my fix doesnt want to work on this MZ-R55 anyway, so I was forced to take other measures in the form of a DIY project. Anyway.....the piggyback charger from my RH-10 has different dimensions so it wouldn't screw on or line up with the contacts of the R55. So I performed this alteration. It looks like shit... I KNOW!!!...but I wasn't concerned with aesthetics because the thing is beat to shit anyway. I opened the chassis and soldered two wires (from old telephone cord..SO USEFUL THESE THINGS ARE!!!!!!!!) to the neg and positive leads that the correct charger would have seated into. Luckily the piggyback to the RH-10 was easily adaptable and accepted the wires, they clip in very nicely with NO soldering!!!!!!!!!!! Now its portable and works great!!!!!!!!!!! Check it out....not very much or interesting but I wanted to get a start on this thread because I would just LOVE to see what else everyone has done....The grey material you see in the original connecting holes is actually duct tape as an insulator....so please no hints or tips about how I could have done this better. I know it's a garbage shit job...I did it in 5 minutes. lol PLEASE ADD YOUR OWN CONTENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WOULD LOVE TO SEE!!!!!!!!! :-) THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEAN
  12. I thought this would be a really cool thread. I want everyone to post photos or explanations of any DIY mods you have done to your equipment. This includes any changes that you made to render a device different from factory stock. Example adding things to the circuits, modifying the body, battery mods...etc...
  13. Yes....I have one of those and it works fine for me. But there is a trick to getting it to work on Windows 8 or later. Refer to my post with the instructions to install the NetMD drivers for windows 8. Its relatively easy and step by step anyone can follow it and get their NetMD working with Win8 or WIn10. The trick is to disable driver signature enforcement on Windows 10 and to manually install the driver for the NetMD device which will be listed as an error in device manager. Follow this link http://forums.sonyinsider.com/topic/27868-netmd-for-windows-8/#comment-182705 to my tutorial of how to do this. The tutorial is for Windows 8....but the steps are identical to Windows 10. Follow my step-by-step guide checklist on the driver signature disabling, next watch the video on how to install the diver through device manager (Windows 7 video but exactly the same steps on Windows 8 and Windows 10). Only difference is the first step which is for disabling the driver enforcement. Its pretty well and easily typed out so you shouldn't have any problems with it.... Really hope this helps!!! :-) Let me know if you cant figure it out. I wouldn't mind jumping on your machine remotely with TeamViewer or something and do it for you if need be. Let me know. -Kona
  14. No Kalkie I wasn't. It had long since finished searching months and months ago at the time of install. This problem was static for months. I just now got it likely by tricking SS into thinking it had searched all and found nothing. A week ago,the week before that, and the month before that, I could not drag and drop. I'm sure the folder search was completed by then...lol!!! The reason I use the D & D is because I hate ticking all those check boxes and navigating my whole file system to locate a folder with the songs that I want in it. Also if you want to import a specific folder, you have to tediously UNCHECK EACH AND EVERY parent folder that is in the C drive besides the one you want. That's ridiculous. With the "import" method you can not select multiple individual files. If I had a bunch of different music in one folder, I had to import the whole folder, or choose "import music file" and import them one at a time. For example: If I only want 10 songs in a crowded folder, I have always held cntrl, selected all the tracks I wanted, then drag and drop them. The alternative way that you guys use would require me to select the "import music files" option 10 times for 10 tracks. Or I would have to scan the folder and import the 5000 loose songs in my music folder, then delete the other 4,990 files. I know I can just make a new folder with the tracks I want and tell SS to scan it, but thats too much work to have to do every time I wanna import and make a playlist. If I scanned my entire library the files would be all over the place in SS....that's why I load them in an "as needed" basis. So for me..... D&D is SO much more efficient!!!! Does it make sense now that you understand why I was getting so flustered? XD!!!
  15. Thanks so much for all the "discoveries" you guys stumbled across while investigating this problem. I'm kinda glad it happened now that I fixed it. That prob revealed things that I was unaware of, and answered so many questions regarding file problems and SS errors. This issue seems to have helped all of us long-term. When Steven was reffering to the actual file changing, I believe he was talking about the oma files themselves in the SS packages directory. Meaning those files that SS ripped from CD, or were converted using SS after a folder import. Any change in the actual SS userinterface would only alter and update that individual file in SS Packages. The original audio source file that was imported into SS remains unchanged. That explains why you had to delete the track and info from SS..and reimport the source file when you came across your directory error. I'm certain you already know this.....but this is for all the noobs out there that read this...lol!
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