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  1. On ‎11‎/‎22‎/‎2015 at 8:02 PM, ersat1 said:

    Anyone with a MZ-N420D ?   Trying this on windows 10 but no driver found. Running SonicStage perfectly on windows 10.

    Yes....I have one of those and it works fine for me. But there is a trick to getting it to work on Windows 8 or later. Refer to my post with the instructions to install the NetMD drivers for windows 8.  Its relatively easy and step by step anyone can follow it and get their NetMD working with Win8 or WIn10. The trick is to disable driver signature enforcement on Windows 10 and to manually install the driver for the NetMD device which will be listed as an error in device manager.

    Follow this link http://forums.sonyinsider.com/topic/27868-netmd-for-windows-8/#comment-182705 to my tutorial of how to do this. The tutorial is for Windows 8....but the steps are identical to Windows 10. Follow my step-by-step guide checklist on the driver signature disabling, next watch the video on how to install the diver through device manager (Windows 7 video but exactly the same steps on Windows 8 and Windows 10). Only difference is the first step which is for disabling the driver enforcement. Its pretty well and easily typed out so you shouldn't have any problems with it....

    Really hope this helps!!! :-)


    Let me know if you cant figure it out. I wouldn't mind jumping on your machine remotely with TeamViewer or something and do it for you if need be.

    Let me know.




  2. Yes but when I used to be able to drag and drop, I could do so while retaining the file structure by importing one artists discography (all folders labeled as albums) at a time. Then make sure that the structure is sound, and get cd info if need be to move onto the next artists albums. I cant select via the import window to import folders, only individual files. The album info (mimicking the folder structure) is retained via artist to artist import on version 1 with drag and drop. With the software lacking this feature its "all or nothing." Every file on your pc being lumped into one "unknown tracks" container. And after that, you cant select more than 99 files in the unknown folder after import while trying  to get CD information at a time. Its either every single file on the pc, and lose all liner info, or one folder by one folder by selecting each track. This build also seems to discard windows structure mapping this way also so I'm afraid this version is not for me. Thanks for your help anyway.

  3. Why can I not drag and drop all my music folders to the library? This is a major flaw as it is going to take me hours to import them all via selecting the folders and selecting all of the tracks within. Folder by folder...not to; mention cataloging them all!!! am I doing something wrong?? I'm so frustrated that I am a hair away from abandoning the format for good. I love minidisc but this is such a headache all the problems I have encountered recently. I'm not stupid and pretty tech savvy so I think this is more than likely a programing error.  Where can I find the link to the first ultimate release? Please Help!!!!!

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