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    Gosh where do I start. Playstation 3 (CECHC03) UK launch model, playstation 2 fat, psp fat, psp slim both hacked. Sony surround sound 5.1 STR-KS1100. A Sony 2 ch amp and cd player not sure of the model numbers. Mini disc recorder MZ-R55, MZ-G750, MZ-RH1, microphone ECM-MS907.

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    playstation 3, psp, minidisc x3, Sony mp3/atrac
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    Sony MDR-EX50LP
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    Sony surround 5.1 STR-KS1100
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    MZ-RH1, MZ-G750, MZ-R55
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  1. This was very helpful and some really good tips i might take apart my g750 again and look at the mag head again. Is it possible to buzz out the mag head with like a multi meter to see if it working as its just a coil right?
  2. wow 25 brand new hi mds i just bought two on ebay £10 2nd hand for 1 there so rare and it was the old type not blue case, and got a new old type one. Like two days ago 2 of them on ebay went for £40 thats like about £480 if you sold them all.
  3. Did jim.hoggarth work for Sony repairing mini discs or is everything he knows all learnt and self taught?
  4. On another side side topic is there a list of all the different label making programs out there for making labels for md's? I know there is one on the UK Sony site called MiniDisc Label Projector Program http://www.sony.co.uk/support/en/product/MZ-RH1/downloads/mdlp
  5. What about firmware updates to add newer Atrack and other sound formats. Reflashing a messed up unit kinda like restoring a phone. I like the optical out thought. The drag and drop of music files is good too.
  6. Page 7 of the service manual may help you, bottom left there is a note about if the screws are not tight enough the set may not power on when a usb cable is inserted. There is a MZ-RH1 on ebay with the same fault as this about not powering up at all. May be a commen fault or a simple fix.
  7. only been in there once to do the Euro to US hack. I only wanted the values for security i guess i won't be going in service mode on it again. Thanks for your help
  8. is there a file like that for the RH1?
  9. thanks for the help i have had to try and speed learn so much its unreal like before this post i didn't know about the magnetic head in the mini disc recorder i thought it recorded kinda like a cd. Is there any full on guides about service mode, it only says a small amount in the service manuals. There is lots of hacks out there that add extra stuff on some models and like with the euro MZ-RH1 you can change the region to US to get the 0.5mw back in the head phones. How do these hacks come about as its not listed in the Sony service manuals?
  10. I am really new to mini disc and was lucky to buy the MZ-RH1 for £179.99 from a old Sony stock as the guy had like 80 to sell. Boxed and brand new. With UK plug too. Now i am new member here and love reading about mini disc stuff and about atrac and the different mini disc players and recorders. I am so late to mini disc that its almost impossible to buy hi md mini discs. That are cheap its costs like £6 - £15 for 1. Only ever seen Sony branded ones too?
  11. wow there awsome i didn't know about these. I got differen't coloured Sony ones. Red, green, yellow, blue, black.
  12. yeah its 024 to FF or i would be stuck in service mode. I do all the MO auto adjustments and some times it fails and gives me a NG no good error and other times it says MO OK or Adj OK. Think its 032 033 and 034 to do the MO auto adjust tests. I had times it passed all 3 but still had gaps in the recordings. I took the cover off and the record head sits on the disk fine. I don't have a laser meter to test the out put only got a muti meter. Jim said he could fix it for £12 but it was off ebay for £18 it was my dads and i am sure it recorded fine when he first had it but we only did some like 20 min test recording then it was in his draw for like a month then it started playing up. Don't think its worth getting it fixed. They go for about £12-20 on ebay. Thanks for all your help.
  13. I did a NV RESET in service mode but it didn't help at all. Then i adjusted the read and write power of the laser and on 3 volts mains power it works perfect but on battery it still records with random blank spots. After NV RESET power to the laser was by default :- MO READ =1D CD READ =24 MO WRITE =B9 i changed it to :- MO READ =24 increased it by 7 CD READ =24 MO WRITE =AB decreased it by 14 works perfect on 3v so the magnetic head must be ok right? And the laser is ok too?
  14. thanks so much much for help and i have mailed Jim. I went into service mode and adjusted the MO Write Power, I am sure i lowered the power and the blank recordings become less as i moved the hex value to full power (FF) i think and it didn't record any thing but it wrote the toc fine i think and the default value was B9 i lowered it to AB and the recordings had less blanks in it.
  15. My Sony MZ-G750 was recording fine now in my recordings i get gaps of no recording from like 1 second to up to like 40 seconds. Any way to fix this or is the first sign of the laser packing in? I am very new to mini discs. Any help or advice would be good. Thanks
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