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  1. Hello Stephen, as an experienced administrator of the Sony Insider Forums, could you please have a look at my post about a possible fake Sony NH-14WM akku and give your opinion about the photos I've posted. Thank you very much.
  2. No, the akku doesn't work at all. Charging in my Sony minidisc portables is not possible. It even doesn't show LOW BATTERY on the display. The akku looks new, but as the retail package was already open, it's difficult to determine. But maybe the akku is just too old and therefore doesn't work anymore.
  3. Hello, I just bought an "Original Sony NH-14WM" akku in retail package from a German online shop (not ebay). Two things are especially strange. On the back side of the akku is printed "USE ONLY WITH SONY BATTERY CHARGING SYSTEM DESIGNATED "FOR NH-10WM" and the fact that the retail package was already open. Looking at the NH-14WM I suspect that the akku is not original but fake. Please have a look at the photos and give me your opinion. Many thanks in advance.
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