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  1. Are they even bringing it out outside of Japan? The other topic mentioned that in the replies O-o I really want the 64GB, I has moneies burning a hole in my pocket and my aging A808 is starting to get a little cramped and rusty it seems O_o (But still pumping out the ATRAC *hinthint sony*)
  2. Lewey

    X1000 Video Converter

    Well a good one that I use all the time is "Xilisoft Video Converter Platinium. Works like a treat and has a whole range of video conversions, even for PSP, PS3, 360....etc (Though its not free) And I don't know any free ones, sorry ^^;
  3. https://www.sonystyle.co.uk/SonyStyle/MP3-W...o/NWZX1060B.CE7 Emm...could this be a typo or is the UK getting a SUPER ultra battery? "Approx 60hrs of Music playback" Now that would be something =] (Go UK! )
  4. Hmm, these look interesting. I'm still on the fence about buying a Blu ray burner....the price of disks is as said extorionate o-o Though now faster speeds are coming, the slower speed discs might become cheaper and more home pc budget friendly. Any idea on a good (cheap but not too cheap) Blu ray burner about?
  5. Its because they see the Sense to still have ATRAC on their players. While other regions have jumped onto a drag and drop system with mp3's. I wonder if they could combine the 2 systems. (Drag and drop + ATRAC support) Or is that too much of a coding nightmare?
  6. ShanieAIBO, i'd take that job! Don't know a whole lot about the older walkmans, but from the E500 series onwards i've kept an eye on them And quite a bit about the new Sony products (Its like i'm writing a CV ) Anyway, I'm hoping for a more functional browser with the X series rather than a Youtube only affair. Doesn't make too much sense to build in a Wifi set up and not use the capabilities of it? Otherwise the Noise Cancelling (Especially On the plane Noise cancelling...now that IS thinking) seems worth the upgrade from my A808. I was hoping maybe..just maybe that the Japanese X series could go into English, but alas i have a feeling it won't *points upwards* P.S New member!
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