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  1. Hey Phillippe i'm in the UK could you tell me how i go about that? Thanks KJ, from what you said i guess its my unit that isn't working as opposed to the battery.
  2. Hi, I am a long time lurker, and really appreciate all of the hacks the regulars here have provided over the years - it has been really difficult to realise the full potential of HiMD vs those meddling kids at Sony. I am not really very technical so would really appreciate any help with the below. Anyway, my beloved MZ-RH1 has been well used, then recently wouldn't power up. It wouldn't charge, or power up when plugged into the PC. If it was just the battery then wouldn't it still power up / show some sign of life when plugged into the PC. I would happily buy a new LIP-4WM if it was definitely the issue, but i understand my recorder is now 6 years old and this may just be the end. Otherwise the LIP-4WM is just an expensive waste. so is it dead beyond repair?
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