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  1. “@JonCG_novelist: Deleted Facebook account in a huff. No I don't want to send my location when messaging. If we were FB 'friends', sorry”

  2. See or search-about IFTTT https://t.co/1ZoD6WbB Heading towards controlling the internet-of-things (via APIs). cc @JeniT @johnlsheridan

  3. Ho ho. Use this "quiz" to gauge where the centroid of US political opinion lies (relative to you): http://t.co/Vindiwyk Horrifying.

  4. #NP J S Bach, Fantasia & Fugue in A minor BWV904, played by the (almost) incomparable Angela Hewitt. And more delights to come on this CD.
  5. #NP Satyagraha (Glass) - IMNSHO the best opera of the second half of the 20th century.
  6. Magic moment: that wonderful pp passage in the 2nd mvt of the Waldstein, where time is suspended, till a superb transition to mad Beethoven…

  7. Silly me! Problem solved. For the benefit of others - the problem lay precisely in the automounting by OSX. SonicStage or VBox didn't want the HiMD device mounted in the host environment, so the following steps worked: - under OSX, eject the NO NAME HiMD disk/device - in the VBox devices menu, the Sony HiMD usb device is no longer greyed out, so can select/check it - WinXP installs the necessary (Sony?) driver, and requires a reboot - voila, SonicStage sees the HiMD and its content. Sorry for any bother, but hope this is informative for others.
  8. danox574 - thanks for your informative posts. I'm in a similar situation to you, with a HiMD portable (MZ-NH1) that I've successfully connected in the past to an old, slow laptop running WinXP and an earlier version of SonicStage. I want to connect the HiMD device to my fast shiny MacBookPro (MBP), using the Win version of SonicStage 4.3 running on WinXP inside VirtualBox (VBox). This looks like what you have done, so gives me hope (maybe you're using Win7 rather than WinXP - I've had trouble with Win7 under VBox). But I'm not quite succeeding (despite many past successes with VBox), so I'd
  9. I signed: Stop the badger cull - e-petitions http://t.co/VRqatcGd because the trial results don't justify cruelty. Citizen action, new me.

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