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  1. buggy, Winamp 5.5 detects the Walkman and shows its contents, but I haven't tried transferring music with it yet.

    otiasj, nice to hear from you again. What do you mean by unsupported bitrates? I assume you mean not supported by the Walkman. I looked it up and mine supports 32-320kbps CBR as well as VBR. However, the songs that the Walkman plays badly are all CBR and within that range, so it must be some other problem. Any ideas?

  2. Have you gone through all the troubleshooting outlined on the first few pages, and in the ML_Sony FAQ in a separate thread? Also make sure you have Winamp 5.35, it might be that 1.0.4 works with 5.35 but not earlier versions.

  3. OK cool, I'll do that. Shall I email the zips to you, where we emailed you stuff before (yahoo address)?

    Also I found a bug. I created a new Media Library playlist and put songs in there in order to keep track of what I'm putting on my Walkman. Dragging them from the playlist to the Walkman item under "Devices" causes Winamp to exit immediately with no warning. This doesn't happen when dragging and dropping from, say, "Audio" or "Most Played". Right clicking the items in the playlist and going via the "Send To" route works normally.

    Another bug: I added some songs from "Audio" (by dragging them onto the Walkman item) but then changed my mind and right-clicked the song (with an M next to it) and chose "delete from device". Obviously it's not on the device yet, but doing this caused Winamp to exit immediately without warning.

  4. Toodlesnot, I think the playlists problem is not just specific to you or your walkman model because me and someone else have the same problem with different players.

    Otiasj, is there anything we can do to provide more information on what the problem with playlist adding could be?

  5. I just tested it with Winamp 5.35.

    First time around it seemed to work all right, identified the device fine and listed the songs on the device correctly. Adding files, deleting them and adding playlists also went well. But when I tried to play them on my Walkman, it seems the database was corrupted - I got a "NO DATABASE" error. So I reformatted, installed MP3 File Manager and started again from scratch.

    I added files with no problem. And now it works well with my NW-E003F and I can confirm it works with Winamp 5.35. Excellent job otias_j, merci beaucoup!

    One problem I encountered: I added a playlist and it doesn't show up on my Walkman. I used no funny characters to name it, just letters and two spaces. I removed my device, restarted Winamp and the plugin still thinks the playlist is there (it shows up correctly, with the right songs listed in it), but it doesn't appear under the "Playlists" section on my Walkman.

    The songs show up fine, are sortable, etc.

    Also a small annoyance: When you select something to be deleted, the current view isn't kept and the list of Artists goes back to the top, and the list underneath it (main viewing area) too, i.e. it all goes back to the default view. Hopefully this is trivial to fix.

    Thanks again for devoting your time to this great plugin.

  6. Hi, I just downloaded this software and it works very well. I'm curious about the ID3 tags - do you copy the album/song title information to the database and then strip the ID3 tags?

    One other question, are you intending to support playlists in this new application you're developing? I hope so! Cheers.

  7. I've tried it and I get a fatal .NET application error - "The application failed to initialize properly". I have Windows XP SP1 and version 1.1 of the .NET framework. I also have libusb installed. All I did was extract it to a local drive, plugged in my walkman and tried to run libtester.exe. I get the message above. Any suggestions?

  8. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do. I installed libusb and put the libtester and the other two files on my device, ran LibTester.exe and I get an error saying "This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem." I also tried putting it in OMGAUDIO and somewhere on my local drive with the same result. What am I doing wrong?

  9. Really? That's odd. I have the media library open right now with Winamp Classic and it works fine.

    And anyway, there are some nice modern skins (though I do agree that most of them are ugly). My personal favourite is Media Whore (http://www.winamp.com/skins/details.php?id=121601), and some other simple, unbloated ones I like are Spirit (stefanka.deviantart.com), Simple (bunji.deviantart.com) and Absurd (http://www.winamp.com/skins/details.php?id=135344).

    I modded Media Whore quite a lot and put my own images in it. You can have my version too if you want.

  10. Firstly I'd like to thank you otiasj for producing this wonderful plugin. I installed SonicStage thinking I would have to format my NW-E003F player (small flash-media suffle-style device) but this wasn't necessary. It appears it isn't "protected" (not sure what all that means), so I didn't have to add any files or do anything at all to the player - even nocode.txt wasn't necessary. It just works. The ID3 info displays fine and I can transfer files to it without any problem.

    Superb plugin, thanks again!

    Edit: Some Feedback:

    - Had a problem with one MP3, 128kbps, 44.1kHz, Joint Stereo, CRCs:No, Copyrighted:Yes, Original:yes, length:256s, header found at 290 byted. This MP3 played, but the sound came out as if it had been made to play twice as slow as it should do. The vocals were slow and deep and I could hear each guitar pluck clearly but they were all far apart from each other. Weird. Maybe to do with it having the Copyrighted flag?

    - With my device, dragging and dropping or sending a playlist from the media library does not work. However, dragging one in from the windows explorer does appear to work. The Apply button appears, though nothing can be seen in the listing of files. In the tree on the left, the playlist appears as a branch of the device. Once I apply it, the apply button is still there, so it seems I could go on applying for ever. Upon checking the player, there is no playlist ("no item" is the message).

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