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    Hard Drive swap?

    Ok, so this is a weird question. I have a Vaio PCG-7184L. About a year ago my hard drive crashed, but I've kept the computer with intentions of fixing it. In the mean time, I've been using my sister's PCG-7133L. While the outside of mine is in working condition, hers is missing 3 keys (1, i, n) and she at one point spilled root beer on the keyboard so the screen has this lovely watery-effect going on. That was sarcasm. While I would really love to just buy a new hard drive, finances do not permit. That said, would it be possible to remove the hard drive from my sister's computer and install it in my old computer? If so, would it be possible to format the disk and reinstall the OS or would it not be worth the effort. If these things are possible, could you recommend a good how-to?
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