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    KDL 46 - W4000

    Hello everybody, i have had a problem with my KDL46-W4000 for about a month now. It keeps on shuting down by itself. I took it to my nearest authorised sony service and they told me that there is a problem with the software stored on the main board's flash, a problem that they cannot fix by erasing and re-installing the software, so i have to replace the main board (BE1) which costs about 600usd (i'd rather buy a new tv with that kind of money). The ref.no. of the main board is A-1544-103-A as they told me, so i started looking on ebay to find one. This main board is the same for the 40" , 46" and the 52" models. As i was searching i found some main boards for these tvs at a good price, but with another ref.no. that is A-1363-835-A. Can anyone help me with the following: 1) is it possible that although there is no hardware failure (as i've been told), that the software cannot be reinstalled? 2) what is the difference between the two above mentioned main boards (since i have seen they fit the same models)? 3) is the A-1363-835-A compatible with my tv? i would really appreciate any help, thank you in advance grem
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