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  1. Hi, I much admired the minidisc format when it first came out, we used it in our radio station, I put some of my on-air work on MD for archiving. Fast forward 15+ years... I've acquired a Denon DN-1100R in non-working condition and hoping to get it running so I can copy my archived stuff to another format. Does anyone know where to find out what the Denon SYSTEM ERROR codes mean? These are the codes that show as "Error xx" - in my case I get Error 51 and Error 95 at different times. Otherwise the unit is pretty much unresponsive. I have a service manual, it helpfully (not!) shows all the editing and similar error codes but nothing about the system errors. And the owner's manual, what a laugh! System error codes might mean "there is a problem in the unit, and the unit will not function"! So, not in the operation manual, not in the service manual, why do they keep these error codes secret? Any advice gratefully received…! I do have some experience repairing audio equipment, and have tried running diagnostics in the test mode (detailed in the service manual) but get stuck each time at the system error. Regards, Stuart
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